JetBlue Canceled Twice As Many Flights Today As Anyone Else

Several airlines canceled flights today due to snow and ice in the northeast, with JetBlue canceling twice as many as the next guy.

Carrier | # of canceled flights through today

JetBlue | 230
American Airlines | 120
Delta | 100+
Northwest | 65
Us Airways | 0

“The weather is fine for flying,” US Airways company spokesman Andrew Christie said. — BEN POPKEN

JetBlue Leads Pack Of Flight Cancellations [CNN]
(Photo: Peter Kim)


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  1. roamingknowmad says:

    I was supposed to fly from Boston to Washington Dulles today on United, on an 8:40pm. According to the United Website, everything out of Boston after 1:50pm is cancelled. But (where I reserved the ticket) is still selling tickets for those flights!
    I called the United 800-number and couldn’t get the automaton to understand my last name (it’s hard to pronounce), so it transferred me to an agent. But instead of even getting hold music for the first five times, I got a busy signal and then was disconnected.
    Then I decided to try and call Expedia’s 800 number. Was also disconnected due to heavy call volume.
    Websites don’t really give me any info that I haven’t tried already.
    No clue what to do now!

  2. RandomHookup says:

    The weather is great for flying. It’s just that ‘landing’ stuff that might be a little iffy.

  3. nweaver says:

    Also, remember that practically EVERY JetBlue flight goes out of JFK, and they are paranoid after the previous fiasco.

  4. Tallanvor says:

    Accoring to Bloomberg, “Delta Air Lines Inc. canceled about 200 flights through tomorrow”. So it looks like CNN’s information is a bit out of date.

  5. mopar_man says:

    So it looks like CNN’s information is a bit out of date.

    Big surprise there.

  6. Ben Popken says:

    @Tallanvor: Right, “through tomorrow.” These stats are for today.

  7. thrillhouse says:

    so is JetBlue overly cautious, or is US Airways terribly reckless?

  8. relaxing_dragon says:

    I will reserve judgment on Jet Blue until tomorrow when we will see just how US Airways performs. Also for a better like for like comparison what percentage of domestic flights out of JFK are each of the airlines canceling? I suspect that this is media kicking Jet Blue while they are down.

  9. potch says:

    Did JetBlue just cancel all the flights that it thought it might need to cancel? I’d keep an eye on the numbers for each of the airlines over the course of the day, to see if the other guys catch up to JetBlue’s cancellations. If they do, then kudos to JetBlue for actually giving people forewarning.

  10. Tallanvor says:

    @Ben Popken: Ah, but some of your numbers include Thursday cancellations as well. That’s not what I really had to say though.

    According to USAToday’s Today in the Sky, US Air has canceled at least 104 flights as of 10AM EST.

    Apparently the weather wasn’t quite so fine for flying after all.

  11. cindel says:

    What does Jetblue passenger’s bill of rights say about this? hmmm

  12. MeOhMy says:

    Number of cancelled flights doesn’t tell the whole story.

    North American Hubs By Airline

    An airline like Jetblue that operates heavily out of JFK is going to be harder-hit then an airline like NWA that is hubbed in MSP.

    I’m sure Jetblue is also gun shy, but the truth is if there was a storm blasting MSP, then NWA would likely have more cancellations than Jetblue or Delta.

  13. roamingknowmad says:

    Update on my earlier post. Sorry for it’s frantic tone – I was panicking juuuust a little:

    Seconds after posting, I managed to get on hold instead of disconnected. About 20-25 minutes later (which considering the circumstances, probably isn’t that bad), I was able to talk to a nice human. she informed me that all flights leaving between now and 2:50pm today were sold out, and later flights through Sunday morning were cancelled entirely.

    REalizing that I wouldn’t be getting to DC on United, or any other airline, until way too late for my purposes, I just cancelled the reservation and was told a full refund would be put onto my credit card immediately, with a receipt issued within 7 days.

    According to my credit card company, the refund hasn’t posted yet, but it’s only been a couple hours.

    I decided just to book a trip on Amtrak, which will get me there tommorrow instead of today. The purpose of the trip is to see a good friend of mine from Sweden who’s in DC attending a conference this weekend only. We won’t get to spend tonight drinking like fishes, but 27 hours with my friend is better than nothing.

    Guess that means extra Guinness on St. Paddy’s day to catch up…

  14. Chairman-Meow says:

    Is it me or does the ENTIRE FREAKING POPULATION of North America completely go out of their minds whenever a single snowflake touches the ground these days!?!?

    It’s light snow/rain here in New England today (its winter, go figure). Of course every freaking talking head is outside doing the LIVE UPDATE of the upcoming apocolypse!!!

    Ok, I feel better now.

  15. Tallanvor says:

    Ouch… JetBlue has canceled the rest of their flight schedule in New York for today.

    However, US Air is up to at least 414 cancellations for the day. Delta is up to at least 250 through tomorrow.

    54F in London, but the clouds have rolled in.

  16. chimmike says:

    sounds to me like JetBlue’s flight ops department has very little experience in the real world compared to the other big guys that can handle it……

    kinda sad, too, JetBlue was on a good streak for a while…I think this one might just put ’em in the crapper with customers for good.

  17. facted says:

    @: Exactly. They cancel the most flights because they HAVE the most flights. The media needs to chillax.

  18. LintMan says:

    @roamingknowmad: Good luck with the Amtrak trip, you might need it! I’ve a fair bit of experience with the Boston-NY/NJ leg of that same route, and Amtrak’s track record in poor weather isn’t so great. And possibly expect standing-room-only for the whole trip. Boarding in Boston might help you get a seat vs. boarding at, say, Rt 128 Station.

  19. facted says:

    You guys may want to update your post and correct the info: