Great Moments In Commercial History: Carvel's Cookie O'Puss

To preemptively celebrate St. Patty’s, here’s a classic Carvel commercial featuring Cookie Puss and her new friend, Cookie O’ Puss. Copyranter writes:

Let’s take a trip back to a St. Patrick’s Day long ago. Tommy Carvel, ABSOLUTE FUCKING GENIUS, was still alive and he still had a great idea or two left in him. Sure, Cookie Puss was already a big seller. Fudgie The Whale, too. But then one late night, while many a stoned/wasted New Yorker was watching TV, this appeared (dig that spacey Irish accent!) Not only did it change the way millions (ok, maybe hundreds of thousands) celebrated the holiday, it also inspired a Beastie Boys song.

Look at that stainless steel. That white lab coat. Carvel uses the science of the 70’s to bring you the magic of ice cream. Every single ice cream cone is fact checked.

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[via Copyranter]


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  1. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Wow, as a child of the 70’s living in Massachusetts, those Carvel ads were plastered all over local TV stations. I’m having flashbacks, man!

  2. Was that the voice of Sir Nose, D’Void of Funk?

  3. nequam says:

    Carvel was a master recycler of cake molds. At Christmas time, Fudgie the Whale was turned 90 degrees clockwise and became Santa.

  4. formergr says:

    Cookie Puss! Fudgie the whale! Fond memories of begggggging my mother for a Cookie Puss ice cream cake for my 7th birthday (and we just did NOT buy storebrand crap like this normally as a rule) in 1983. To my shock and delight, I got one. Then I begged to be able to eat the ice cream cone nose right off the cake…and was sorely disappointed to find the cone soggy and the ice cream sort of odd tasting.

  5. Her Grace says:

    St. Paddy’s.

  6. Musician78 says:

    Do they still make cookie pusses? Damn, I loved those when I was a kid.

  7. homerjay says:

    @formergr: HEY! STOP BEING ME!

    That story hit a little too close to home. It wasn’t the ice cream that was odd tasting, it was the ‘frosting.’ You hoped it would taste like sugar but it always had kind of a monosodium glutimate meets guar gum taste.

    Distinctly Carvel, though.

  8. Chairman-Meow says:

    Ahhh Tommy Carvel….pitchmaster.

    With his gravely voice he would do those commericals. You could tell they guy must have smoke 10 packs of Camels(no filter!) a day

    I always wished he would have marketed a ciggy the cancer cake in honor of his voice.

  9. Fuzzy_duffel_bag says:

    my wife and I got a Cookie Puss for our wedding celebration. We’re klassy. The nearest Carvel was inside a Taco Bell.

  10. Falconfire says:

    @Musician78: Yes they do.

    When my grandmother stopped being able to make cakes for my birthday, we started getting Carvel cakes. Every birthday to this day is celebrated with a carvel cake.

  11. valkin says:

    Every birthday of mine is celebrated with a carvel cake. A few times my parents slipped in a Baskin-Robbins cake, but that was never as good.

    I’m born on Christmas, so I used to get the santa cake as a kid. :-)

  12. Seacub says:

    What the hell is a Cookie Puss?! Was this some regional product? I’ve never heard of one, but I want to eat one.

    Uh… yeah.