Spirit Air To Charge Extra For Sneezing

Spirit Air announced new fees starting June 20, 2007 that will penalize flyers for using extra services. Like having a piece of luggage.

• $5 flat fee for EACH checked bag, up to 50 lbs., if arranged in advance online
• $10 flat fee per checked bag, up to 50 lbs., if you wait until the airport to pay the fee
• All beverages such as coffee, juice, and soda will cost $1 (water is free)
• First class is downgraded to premium economy. It’s renamed “the Big Front Seat.” No more free booze.

Next thing you know, the bathrooms will be coin-operated!

Now, if as a result of increasing the cost-load for those passengers using more services, Spirit Air reduces average fares by $30, then this is a good deal for consumers. After all, why should amenities you don’t use be built in to your ticket price? Somehow though, our cynical side thinks Spirit won’t be passing along the savings to its other customers. — BEN POPKEN

[via Upgrade Travel Better]
(Photo: babasteve)

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