IRS Has $2.2 Billion For People Who Haven't Filed a 2003 Tax Return

If you’re one of the 1.8 million people who haven’t bothered to file your 2003 tax return… it’s not too late! No, really. It’s not. You have until April 17, 2007 to file. And why wouldn’t you? The IRS has 2.2 billion dollars waiting for you to collect. If you thought you were in trouble, don’t worry. There’s no penalty for filing a late return if you qualify for a refund.

After April 17, 2007 the money becomes the property of the US Treasury, so don’t wait! —MEGHANN MARCO

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  1. kiloman says:

    Are there any resources for finding out if the government owes you money? I mean, besides the shady guy on late night TV with the purple suit and the tie covered in dollar signs.

  2. Mike_ says:

    @kiloman: has links to states’ Unclaimed Property offices.

  3. Mike_ says:

    There’s also, a national database with data from most states.

  4. unsunder says:

    Now that I think of it I filed in 2003 but never got my return. Can I contact my employers from back then to get another copy of my w-2?

  5. RandomHookup says:

    I’m sure it is mostly just the money paid by illegal aliens working under someone else’s SSN.

  6. kevjohn says:

    @unsunder: Or you can contact the I.R.S. or Social Sec. Administration and they should have a copy.

  7. Hoss says:

    It’s a $2 Billion tax break for the rest of us… shhhhhhhhhh….