American Airlines Lets Al Gore Skip The Security Checkpoint

American Airlines says the employee who lead Al Gore and several of his assistants through an employee-only area in order to circumvent the security checkpoint used “bad judgment.” From the Nashville City Paper:

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority spokesperson Lynne Lowrance said an American Airlines employee took Gore and two other passengers from the airline’s ticketing counter through a door in the baggage claim area where only “badged employees” can enter. The door led to a tunnel and then to a ramp that accessed an American Airline’s gate beyond the airport’s security checkpoint.

Lowrance said an airport police officer noticed Gore and his group at the ticket counter and then became curious after he did not see Gore emerge beyond the airport’s security checkpoint and metal detectors.

Gore and his aids voluntarily went through airport security when asked. A Gore spokesperson in other published reports said the former vice president did not ask for special treatment from the airport.

The employee has been cited and will be required to take security classes.”I think it was just someone trying to provide customer service,” Lowrance said. “It was bad judgment. Since 9/11, that is not allowed. Everyone is treated the same. That is federal law.”—MEGHANN MARCO

Gore, aides ‘circumvent’ security at Nashville airport [City Paper]
(Photo: Sam Felder)

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