American Airlines Lets Al Gore Skip The Security Checkpoint

American Airlines says the employee who lead Al Gore and several of his assistants through an employee-only area in order to circumvent the security checkpoint used “bad judgment.” From the Nashville City Paper:

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority spokesperson Lynne Lowrance said an American Airlines employee took Gore and two other passengers from the airline’s ticketing counter through a door in the baggage claim area where only “badged employees” can enter. The door led to a tunnel and then to a ramp that accessed an American Airline’s gate beyond the airport’s security checkpoint.

Lowrance said an airport police officer noticed Gore and his group at the ticket counter and then became curious after he did not see Gore emerge beyond the airport’s security checkpoint and metal detectors.

Gore and his aids voluntarily went through airport security when asked. A Gore spokesperson in other published reports said the former vice president did not ask for special treatment from the airport.

The employee has been cited and will be required to take security classes.”I think it was just someone trying to provide customer service,” Lowrance said. “It was bad judgment. Since 9/11, that is not allowed. Everyone is treated the same. That is federal law.”—MEGHANN MARCO

Gore, aides ‘circumvent’ security at Nashville airport [City Paper]
(Photo: Sam Felder)


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  1. medalian1 says:

    He flies on airplanes? They burn fuel! OMG!

  2. royal72 says:

    good god man, what if he had a box cutter?! how do we know he hasn’t been compromised by weapons-of-al-saddam-mass-qaeda-destruction-hussein?

    …there are unconfirmed reports he had large quantities of baby formula with him at the time of the incident. when asked “what would a man traveling with no child need formula for?”, a tsa spokesperson replied, “we must always err on the side of caution, so most assume that mr gore had terroristic intentions and we will investigate further.”

    furthermore, an anonymous source working within airport snack bar was personally told by mr. gore, “i’ve been very unhappy with the lack of interest in my global warming campaign”, suggesting further that he may be planning a terrorist attack.

  3. snowferret says:

    Because its a bad idea to let truthworthy people onto airplanes. Fucking security theater. Its pure bullshit. It doesn’t make people safe, its a joke.

  4. middy says:

    You mean Al Gore, the guy who uses 20 times the national average of electricity on his 21 room mansion and swimming pool? And jets around the country all year long? Oh yeah, he’s the Armageddon messiah, the rules don’t apply to him.

  5. JeepBaja says:

    Al Gore should be allowed to by-pass these gates. He is better than us all and knows more than we do.

    Brilliant people should be given special privileges over the other nose picking slack-jawed yokels sheep’n their way through the security checkpoint.

  6. eriksanerd says:


    That claim is greatly overstated. He spends extra to get his energy from 100% green sources, meaning he’s not burning fossil fuels.

    But I disagree with the concept that celebrities should bypass security. It risks becoming a slippery slope until we may be bypassing anyone whom a security guard recognizes. Not only is it a risk, but unfair to us faceless travelers.

  7. lazyazz says:

    You mean the inventor of the world wide interweb and environmentalistlargest sole producer of methane should be treated like a regular Joe, what is this world coming to?

    Whats more frightening is that AA employees can subvert screening.

  8. bluebuilder says:

    If he was in Boston, they would have blown him up.

  9. facted says:

    @eriksanerd: From what I had read, he doesn’t buy 100% green power, just about 10%. That was an article posted in the AP a few days ago. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but worth mentioning. Regardless…he does seem to use a whole heck of a lot of energy given his commitment to the environment.

  10. mconfoy says:

    Ask youself what would things be like if he was president? Bin Laden would be dead or in prison and we would not be dying in Iraq.

    Never the less, its good to know that security wastes their time on Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, and old ladies. Makes me feel so safe.

  11. Americana says:

    “If he was in Boston, they would have blown him up.”

    Exactly, because we rule.

    “security wastes their time on Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, and old ladies.”

    Well, I guess he is safe unless you’re driving with him near a lake.

    “Regardless…he does seem to use a whole heck of a lot of energy given his commitment to the environment.”

    He’s a monstrous hypocrite – his “carbon offsets” (which are nonsense to begin with) are purchased from a company he founded.

  12. pestie says:

    Hey, cut the guy some slack! He was elected President, after all. I’m pretty sure he’s no threat to the airlines. And if we’re going to play the federal-law-applies-to-everyone card, let’s talk about Dubya and this “goddamn piece of paper” (his words!) called the Constitution…

  13. jitrobug says:

    Who else can’t wait for Cheney to take his shoes off like the rest of us.

  14. elljay says:

    Hmm.. Could it be that the American Airline’s manager at the counter ordered his employee to give Gore VIP treatment?

    If so that poor guy is the whipping boy for this event.

  15. BotchedJoke says:

    Like all other democrats/traitors, he is above the law. Maybe his private jet was getting a new interior or fucking solar panels installed. You miserable depressed doom and gloomers that worship the earth and this guy are just so fucking entertaining…..

  16. @BotchedJoke: You’re right, it’s so pathetic to be all into preserving the earth. Especially since we’ve got all those other planets we can just hop on to if we screw this one up, right?

    Sorry, hope that didn’t make me sound too much like a traitor. I know it’s treason to ever question the ruling party, but what can I do? I’m just such a loony lefty!

  17. grouse says:

    From what I had read, he doesn’t buy 100% green power, just about 10%. That was an article posted in the AP a few days ago.

    No, Gore uses 100 percent green power, which is part of the reason why his electricity bill is so high in dollar terms. As far as kilowatt-hourage, the electric company denied giving the right-wing smear group any information, so it was probably a fabrication. The AP found that Gore’s usage was actually tens of thousands of kilowatt hours less than the right-wing smear group reported.

    Keep throwing shit, maybe some of it will stick eventually. Pathetic.

  18. mojotaker says:

    Regarding the electricity issue, The average house in America has 3 rooms, and are owned by the middle class. Now compareing there electricity bills to a 21 room (not sure) Mansion, He is in the upper class economy, (so you can imagine the stuff in that manision). is a joke. Logically and factually his electricity bill should be much higher. Not to talk about how much more it costs for green power(yes green power is alot more expensive than regular power).

  19. Trai_Dep says:

    Wow, watch the nutters crawl out when “Gore” or “Clinton” appears on the site.

    Are you guys suggesting that the government stop people from owning houses larger than average? Even if they’re running companies from their house?

    That’s what you’re saying. Gore’s usage should be compared to others that have large houses. Say, Cheney’s residences. Oh, wait, Cheney’s residence’s bills are paid by taxpayers. And I’m sure burning through a GREAT deal more energy.

    It’s like comparing fat-bellied, soft-dicked Hummer drivers to farmers that legitimately drive low-mileage vehicles. No one (sane) suggests the latter drive Priuses.

  20. swvaboy says:

    @BotchedJoke: Since when did ALL Democrats become traitors?

    As a side note, maybe he like Prince Charles flies commercial to keep from burning extra fuel in his private jet. Just a thought…

  21. toxicredm says:

    @pestie: Wrong!

    He was popularly voted for president. Being popularly voted for and being elected are two entirely different things as we have seen.

  22. pestie says:

    @toxicredm: You’re not too clear on the details, are you? He would have legitimately been elected president had the votes been counted correctly in the first place, or if the Supreme Court hadn’t stopped the Florida recount, citing some bullshit excuse about doing so for the country’s collective mental health.

    Look, I’m not a Democrat or a Gore fanboy. My personal politics skew toward liberal on some issues and conservative/libertarian on others. But regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, the clusterfuck that was the 2000 election should bother you as an honest American who believes in the Constitution.

  23. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    The system is too fucked up to fix. We need to scrap the system. Get a new one. I thinkg governments should have to compete with each other for our tax dollars, just like corporations compete with each other for our business. Yes I’m talking about privatizing government.