Vote For Your Smack Deals

What do you want a deal on? On Monday March 5th, Consumerist readers will have the chance to get up to 80% off on select products by playing in a special Jellyfish Smack Deal of the Day.

Jellyfish’s Smack Deal of the Day is a reverse auction: as time passes, price drops. The game is to buy the product at the lowest price possible. Towards the end it can get as low as 80% off. The trick is that you don’t know how many units are in stock, so if you wait too long… you lose out. Side games and real-time chat make for a rollicking time.

At checkout, players pay full price, but receive the cash back via check or Paypal within 60 days.

Vote now, based on the products you recommended, to help decide which products get smacked. We can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to get everything we vote for, but Jellyfish will try very very hard.

And sign up here so you’re ready to go on game day. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. I need me a series 3 TiVo!

  2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I’m very excited to see the HD1000U on there!

    As for a Wii deal, I’ll just be happy if they were available, regardless of price.

    Isn’t the way this works is, the longer you wait, the lower the price gets?

    I’d think everyone would buy Wiis as soon as the sale started, and nobody would actually end up with a discounted price.

  3. medalian1 says:

    Good luck for them selling the wii under $250 or even getting a bunch of them. I vote for the XBOX 360.

  4. Tallanvor says:

    So, if you go to the “smack shopping” page for the Consumerist ( and choose The Consumerist one – you have to register with them first, though), it lets you vote for the following choices:

    53.0% Apple iPod nano 8GB MP3 Player
    13.0% Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media MP3 P…
    27.3% Apple iPod 30GB Digital Multimedia Devi…
    6.8% Creative Technology Zen Vision:M 30GB D…

    I can’t help but wonder if the voting here matters.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    @Tallanvor: It does matter. Those are just placeholders.

  6. esqdork says:

    Where on earth will they get a supply of Wiis?

  7. I havent voted yet, but I have to say that I am perfectly happy with the 250 that I paid for my Wii. Now if they can get some sweet deals on Wii accessories or Wii points then boom goes the dynamite.

    I’m voting for the Xbox360. Only because the console is the only item in this list that I could actually use. I live a sad lonely life. And by lonely I mean ‘without electronic gadgets’. Unless you count my Wii.

    Did I mention that I got a Wii? ;)

  8. After viewing the results I do not understand why everyone voted for a discounted Wii. Does this just reflect the fact that everybody wants one? Or that nobody wants to pay 250 for the Wii? Are the results of this survey going to be skewed in favor of the Wii just because people might be voting for it just because they want one, not necessarily a discounted console?

  9. bluegus32 says:

    @Holden Caulfield: It’s twofold. Yes, we want one and we also want one cheap, if possible.

  10. marike says:

    The Wii already is a good price and is available online and in stores quite frequently now (in some areas, just sitting on shelves gathering dust), and I’m not talking about finding it on eBay or Craig’s List. Just takes a few phone calls, mouseclicks and/or keystrokes.

    I’d hate to see this fun opportunity go to waste on something that won’t last longer than its retail price.

  11. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Hey, I’d really like an 8GB Nano…

  12. froggy says:

    wow. it’s not even a contest. The Wii wins hands down. Awesome.

  13. pediddle says:

    At checkout, players pay full price, but receive the cash back via check or Paypal within 60 days.

    For the Consumerist’s entire existence, haven’t you been saying that rebates are bad bad bad?!

    I have never heard of this Smack shopping before so if it hadn’t come from you it would sound awfully fishy…

  14. Amsterdaam says:

    I dunno, Froggy, the 80g ipod video is catching up…

  15. OnoSideboard says:

    Rice cooker! Huzzah! I have one of those. I call it a “pot.”

  16. There are sixteen people who actually want a Zune?

    Y’all better check your poll software. I think it has a bug.

  17. dukerayburn says:

    iPod Nano maybe?

  18. Tallanvor says:

    @Ben Popken: Ok, glad to hear it.

  19. B says:

    @pediddle: The difference between this and an evil rebate is there are no forms to fill out/get lost, you order the product, and you get the money check or paypal in 60 days.

  20. matt1978 says:

    I’ve gotten back over $1900 from this site, sold all the items on ebay, and made a decent profit. It rocks.

  21. mathew says:

    @marike: If you think the Wii is available online anywhere, post some links. The Wii Locator cries bull.

    As for local stores, I’ve tried CostCo, Best Buy, Target, EB Games, Circuit City and Toys’R’Us multiple mornings over the last few weeks. Most recently, I tried a few stores this weekend. Yes, in the morning. I’ve also tried weekdays during the day.

    They never have any Wii systems in stock. *Never*. The most Wii hardware I have ever seen is two nunchucks and a memory card in the same store. I also saw an extra remote, once.

    I’d gladly pay full price for a Wii. They simply aren’t available.

  22. Somebody mentioned itracker in an earlier post and that is how I found my wii, AND my accessories. The itrackr website knows when the delivery trucks drop off before the store tells you that they are on the shelves. I followed a delivery truck to 4 different Targets before I could get one but it works.

  23. Metschick says:

    I used the eBays for my Wii. Sure I paid $50 over retail, but my time is worth more than that.

  24. AcidReign says:

    …..A couple of weeks ago, I’d have said a Wii. But my daughter came up with a non-bundled unit for list and free shipping. The kids were mad, though, when I beat them both in tennis! I have to give the Wii controller a big “hell yeah!”

    …..”Noise-cancelling” headphones have always amused me! I sure don’t want MY noise cancelled! I want it amplified! Rawk! Even back in the 60s, ye olde volume knob would cancel outside noise…

  25. infinitysnake says:

    @mathew: I saw some poor guy at gamestop begging for the Wii he preordered for Christmas.

  26. Mr. Gunn says:

    Mitsubishi, not Mistubishi
    Ericsson, not Ericcson
    Scooba, not Scuba
    Iomega, not Iomaga
    hugs, not drugs!