BREAKING: CompUSA Closing 128 Stores

CompUSA is closing 128 of 229 stores, a source familiar with the proceedings tells The Consumerist.

A liquidator, Gordon Brothers Group, the same used for Good Guys, will take over tomorrow, Wednesday 2/28, he says.

A company insider also tells us that says the closed stores will be ones with a high monthly rent and will include locations on the East Coast, West Coast, and in the Chicago and Atlanta areas.

Stores being closed were informed via conference call with headquarters around 3pm eastern time today. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. rekoil says:

    There was a report from two days ago that said they were closing four stores. Why have two store-closing announcements so close together?

    If this is true, I’ll bet the Buckhead location in Atlanta is toast. Shame as that’s the closest one to me.

  2. NeoteriX says:

    Where can we find out what locations are being hit?

  3. Daytonna says:

    Ya, Can any of you dig up a location index of closed stores? Is there a time frame? for other than the liqiudator taking over stores tomorrow? Am wondering if there are going to be any deals/steals at my local CompUSA.

  4. iworkthere says:

    It’s actually 126 of the 229 stores, leaving 103 in 68 markets. I don’t know what locations, but they are pulling out of major markets (ie LA, NYC, etc) where they have multiple stores, and focusing instead on the smaller 1-store markets.

  5. ckolony says:

    I only hope they close the downtown San Francisco store. I have never witnessed such terrible customer service in my life. On multiple occasions I have walked in there with the intention of buying something, only to leave in disgust because I could not find anyone to sell me anything on the floor. It’s not surprising they are having problems.

  6. isellmanymacs says:

    yes, many of the employees had no idea it was happening until today. there are now only four regions compared to the 26 there was. the terrible thing is that a few people were hired at these stores like a week or two before today, now they are soon to be looking for new jobs. The stores will stay open for at least 30 days and then all staff members are without a job. Many people have been with the company for many years working for promotions and are now looking for jobs.

  7. Ryn01599 says:

    Alright, Here’s the scoop,

    CompUSA is closing 128 locations. Every store South of Bakersfield, CA is closed. Most store in the mid-east states are all closed. They kept profitable stores in the west and east coast and of course their headquarters in Dallas, TX. Training is not gone. Downsized to create a better business model. 60 Days for Liquidations (although they’re not that good like Good Guys wasn’t that good). It will go PUBLIC tomorrow noon. Corporate division was reduced dramatically. CompUSA is still here to stay.

  8. reztib says:

    I am at the moment an employee at CompUSA and yes it was quite a surprise to hear that I will not have a job in 30-60 days. I have been with the company for many years. I will miss my fellow team members dearly, as over the years they became like a family to me.

  9. mystro1v says:

    Oh no!!! I live in the Seattle area where I can think of 4 or 5 locations off the top of my head. Strangely, there are two within 3 miles of each other (due to the Good Guys conversion) and the others are 15 and 30 miles away.

    Just did a store location search on and the nearest location it found is now 142 miles away. Any chances they’ve already updated their database?!

  10. speed45 says:

    Hey I work for the West Palm Beach store in Florida. The only stores closing in Florida are the following 2 stores:
    Melbourne, FL store number 613 at 2400 West New Haven Avenue
    Melbourne, FL 32904

    and the other store is

    Miami – The Falls store number 627 at 8851 S.W. 136th Street
    Miami, FL 33176

    Right now out of the 228 or 229 stores that were out there to start with there are now only 100 stores left. Good luck to everyone else out there I hope they stop this as for now I has made it through this wave of closing store locations. There was a total of 128 store closings if you look here

    this is the list of all 100 stores that are going to be staying open. But I have heard that CompUSA might buy out TigerDirect or TigerDirect might buy out CompUSA but who knows at this moment. But as I have heard there was a total of 26 regions and now there are only 4 regions left. That’s all for now from #611 in West Palm Beach.

  11. ubertech says:

    You can check the CompUSA website for locations. It was udpated yesterday following the announcement. The closings are immediate, the liquidation starts today 2/28. If your location has a repair center, the repair center is not taking any new machines for service. Customers under warranty are being asked to contact the manufacturer for repairs, under the TAP program they are given a phone number to call.

  12. fredso says:

    NOT surprising. I once stood in the center main aisle for 11 minutes and counted 8 employees walk past. There’s a magnetic field that makes you invisible upon entering the store. They never stock the ink for the printers I’ve bought there (though several office stores do) and store management is rarely seen. I routed for them when they opened, but their customer service is embarrassingly inept. Buh bye!

  13. Confirmed that the Raleigh store will be closing. The gentleman I spoke with said the liquidation sale would probably start next week, but would go on for 90 days.

    Considering it’s the only CompUSA in the area it kind of bites, but there’s so many alternatives here (TigerDirect, Best Buy, and some good locals) it makes sense.

  14. roamer1 says:

    CompUSA is completely leaving Atlanta, which seems a little odd given that Atlanta is such a tech-savvy city. My guess is that their reputation for suckiness ran a lot deeper here than in other markets, and that having Micro Center AND Fry’s here, not to mention the huge gaggle of mom-and-pops (Ginstar, etc.) in Norcross, ran them off…

    FWIW, I’ve always tended to avoid CompUSA unless I needed some odd item in a great hurry — I used to live practically across the street from the ex-Computer City at Perimeter. Now that I’ve moved and Fry’s has opened in Alpharetta — or is it Milton? — that great hurry just doesn’t exist anymore. :p

  15. Twinx says:

    I worked at corporate, in Dallas, TX, for many years. I, along with about 1/2 of corporate, was laid off Fri, 2/23/07. I knew comp was in trouble, but I had no idea just how bad it was until today, 3/1/07

  16. speed45 says:

    Hey so does anyone know whats going to happen next with CompUSA. I was told that they are trying to totally get rid of ads. I am in #611 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  17. speed45 says:

    Hey so does anyone know whats going to happen next with CompUSA. I was told that they are trying to totally get rid of ads. I am in #611 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Who knows whats next.

  18. carioka says:

    I need to know which Compusa stores are opem for business in northern California? I have contracts with them…bought an ACER LAPTOP last year and paid for Compusa support. I now need to contact them. Also tried calling Acer in SanJose. Weird response on answer machine. No return call.
    Can someone tell me if there’s a Compusa store open near Sacramento? Is there one in Bakersfield? Would appreciate your advice.
    Carolyne Williams

  19. pburny says:

    @carioka: my suggestion is not to look for comp usa locations–i am nearly 50 yrs old and i have never complained of any business previously on-line or by any other method but comp usa is committing fraud and we need to file a class action –they do not honor their TAP warranty–they contend that the customer caused the damage but they do not back up their contention with any evidence–the States’ attorney generals need to close down all the stores and refund the consumers