Signing Card Slip At Home Depot Consents To Mysterious, Hidden Agreement

When Mark signed his receipt at Home Depot, doing so declared he, “HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO READ AND ACCEPTS THE TERMS…” of customer agreement #156326.

This agreement was nowhere to be seen, natch. — BEN POPKEN

Home Depot receipt and “customer agreement” [This Is Broken via BoingBoing]

UPDATE: A BoingBoing reader says that this happens for items purchased at the Special Services desk, and the salesperson should’ve shown Mark the actual agreement.


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  1. critical_matt says:

    Just the receipt (agreement) # for his purchase. The black helicopters followed him all the way home also.

  2. megnificent says:

    The “Rate us Online” refers to the customer survey that prints at the bottom of every Home Depot receipt I’ve gotten recently. Was the purchase made with a HD charge card? Could the card agreement be the customer agreement they’re referencing?

  3. humphrmi says:

    I’ve seen statements like “cardholder agrees to pay pursuant to the terms of the credit agreement” or some such, but this is clearly different.

    I bet if someone held up a line for two hours demanding to see the customer agreement, Home Depot would fix this.

  4. B says:

    Is this for something purchased via credit card where the customer would normally sign it?

  5. Falconfire says:

    this is how Suncoast and Bestbuy used to fuck customers over, by making the agreement include a subscription to Entertainment weekly which then charged you 2x the normal subscription after 6 months of “free” issues.

    I actually got the BBB on Suncoast when they pulled that shit on me. Never did get anything but a canceled subscription out of it.

  6. aka Cat says:

    It’s worded oddly, but it looks to me like they’re just equating the receipt “the above customer agreement” to a contract.

    I’d be curious to know why they chose that particular phrasing.

  7. fishfucerk says:

    my guess is that it’s a computer error that has caused a blank agreement to be printed rather than some sort of “Secret Customer Agreement World-wide Conspiracy”

    but then again, it is Home Depot, so who knows?

  8. Amy Alkon says:

    I’d just cross that part out and sign it.

  9. DeeJayQueue says:

    Yeah, it seems like “Customer Agreement” is in this case another word for “Receipt”. Color Me Wrong, but I thought Home Depot all had digital capture pads now…

  10. StockyNinja says:

    I believe that the six digit number is just the credit card authorization number. You are just agreeing to pay x amount with transaction number 156326.

  11. VG10 says:

    its been about 3 months now. when I have to sign an electric screen for my signature, i draw pictures. i made a smiley face at bestbuy yesterday and the cashier just laughed and thought it was funny. i’ve drawn a house with clouds, christmas trees, etc and not once has anyone questioned me about it. (even visa/mastercard agreements say you are not required to show your ID). anywho, i figure how can my signature be accepted on a legal document if its a picture….

  12. karmaghost says:

    @VG10: A lot of stores are like this. The one I work at lets you sign whatever it is that you want on the EFT terminal, it doesn’t matter. It’s the act of signing that apparently binds you to pay, not what you’ve signed. This way, if it wasn’t you, then you didn’t agree to pay. Additionally, if you don’t sign your actual signature and return later and say “hey, that wasn’t my signature, I don’t have to pay” they can shoo you away.

  13. madktdisease says:

    All – If you go read the link, he apologized when he realized the agreement was a seperate piece of literature that he did receive when he made his purchase.

  14. Greg L says:

    Yes, I used to work at THD. A “customer agreement” is a document generated when you purchase special-order merchandise or merchandise with an installation. That document has to be signed (ideally) but this slip wasn’t even supposed to be kept by the customer – the register prints one of these in any transaction with a customer agreement. The only thing that really NEEDS to be blacked out on that receipt is the agreement number – with the store # (on top of the receipt) and that agreement number, any THD employee can look up this person’s address, phone number, and what they bought on their agreement.

    You aren’t signing any secret tinfoil-conspiracy document – this only happens when you’re given an additional document with a bunch of terms. Hence saying you agree to the terms of customer agreement #12345.

    This is a non-story.

  15. nonowellokay says:

    A customer agreement is something that a customer receives at the time stock merchandise is purchased and put on a Will Call (will come back to pick it later) or is delivered, or merchandise is special ordered, or an installation is purchased. The customer receives a copy of the customer agreement at the time of purchase…the terms are clearly stated and not mysterious or hidden. This agreement specifies exactly what merchandise or service the customer paid for. An agreement can be cancelled and merchandise can be returned. Are you always this paranoid?