HOW TO: Give Your TV "Ambilight" Using Cheap Lights From IKEA

Like the idea of Phillips Ambilight, but don’t want to shell out the cash? You can make a less fancy, but passable, version of the effect using cheap lights from IKEA. From Instructables:

I love those Philips Amiblight HDTVs – you know, the ones with the rear backlight that projects colours onto the wall behind the TV? Not only does it look pretty, but if you’re gaming or watching a film in low-light conditions then the backlight reduces eye strain.

I do suffer from eye strain. Mainly because I watch DVDs or game with only a lamp on. After an hour I’ll start to get a headache. Problem is that the lights in my living room are too bright.

The solution is called TRETTIOEN and it consists of 4 LED light strips that you can attach to the back of your plain old non-Ambilight TV for a similar effect. It looks cool, helps your eyes (allegedly) and costs around 50 bucks. —MEGHANN MARCO

Give your HDTV the Philips Ambilight effect on the cheap [Instructables]

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