"D" or "N" At CompUSA Means Deals

You know you can get a good deal on a CompUSA product if there is a “D” or a “N” on the price sign. Most have have an A – before the UPC number.. but a CompUSA worker tells us that for anything with a D or a N…

They will make you great deals to get it out of the stores, those are old discontinued products. N’s are very old products, might be the last one left.

Savvy shopper tip: bring a child with you. They can squat better. Tell ’em they get a jolly rancher for every sign they find with a D or a N. — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Nick writes:

D status items are discontinued, but very rarely discounted, if they are, its the manufacture who discounted it not compusa, you will be able to find it cheaper any where else. N status items WILL be cheap, but WILL be old demo models hidden away somewhere that customers can’t easily get to, they are often missing things like power cables etc.


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  1. Emrikol says:

    “Hey little kid! Want some candy? Get in the van quick! We’re going to CompUSA before the store shuts down… don’t tell your mommy about this…okay?”

  2. fencepost says:

    Only one problem: discontinued crap is still crap even if it’s cheap.

  3. guroth says:

    Ya but getting crap for cheap is better than getting crap at full price!

  4. factotum says:

    Please. Fix.

    “You knowing you can get a good deal…”

  5. Mr. Gunn says:

    Come on! Getty Images? You should have told those flickr asswipes where to stick it!

  6. dohtem says:

    @Emrikol: Dude, that’s creepy.

  7. MarvinMar says:

    So are they saying you can get a better deal than what is on the shelfsticker.

    My eyes work well enough to spot a good deal without having to look for a miniscule N or D before going “That price is OK, wait..it has a N by it, so now it’d awsome!!”