US Airways CEO to Spend Night In Jail for Drunk Driving

Doug “Dear Jerry” Parker has been ordered to spend a night in jail following an arrest for drunk driving the night he recalled his hostile bid for bankrupt Delta Airlines. From CNN Money:

At a hearing in Scottsdale City court, Parker “accepted full and total responsibility for his recent DUI charge by entering a guilty plea to this charge (against the advice of his attorney),” US Airways said in a statement.

Parker was ordered to spend 24 hours in jail on March 15, was fined $1,646.25 and ordered to receive alcohol screening at the Center for Recovering Families, according to the Scottsdale City Court Clerk’s office.

A second DUI charge and a speeding charge were dismissed.

Parker was pulled over for speeding, driving 65 mph in a 45 mph zone in Scottsdale, on Jan. 31 at 11:30 p.m., said Sgt. Mark Clark.

Doug Parker, the bad boy CEO. —MEGHANN MARCO

US Air CEO gets a day in jail for drunk driving [CNN Money]

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  1. William Mize says:

    I know absolutely zero about DUI laws in various states, but this seems awful light. Here in Florida, you get a DUI, your license is suspended for six months minimum, you get a fine, mandatory community service, etc.

  2. Tallanvor says:

    @William Mize: License suspension is usually automatic upon failure of a sobriety test (or failure to take one). So Parker’s license has likely already been suspended for somewhere between 3-6months, depending on the law in Arizona. The judge probably went easy on him because he pleaded guilty and it was his first offense. –I’m not defending this (I think drunk driving should be treated as a much worse crime than it is), but I’m guessing that’s what happened.

  3. Amy Alkon says:

    I do like that he at least plead guilty.

  4. medalian1 says:

    When you get your driver license, you should be issued 1 freebie DUI pass. When you get popped for DUI they check your DL and if you’ve used it, you get smacked big time (jail time, fines, lose your car, license, etc). If it’s your first time you get something light, like what this guy got. If you are in a crash and injure/kill someone, then you get the stiffy too. Seems everyone gets DUI’s these days.

  5. wildhobo says:

    Just because he got sentenced to 24 hours in jail does not mean he is going to spend the time there. When I had to do a day they booked me, had me sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes and then let me go. When a jaili has too many violent criminals they let the non-violent ones go early. DUI’s are considered non-violent. Oh and everyone makes mistakes until you have gone through the DUI process you shouldn’t say he deserves more it’s a lot worse than it sounds.

  6. kerry says:

    I’m enjoying the recent trend of airline CEOs owning up to their mistakes. Keep it coming, guys!

  7. TedSez says:

    Make him spend the night in a US Airways coach seat. Or would that be cruel and unusual punishment?

  8. Sudonum says:

    @TedSez: I was going to suggest they make him spend the 24 hours stuck in a full plane on the tarmac.

  9. HavocHQ says:

    @medalian1: I disagree; that’s like saying anyone with a licensed firearm should be allowed to fire it into the air once as long as the bullet doesn’t kill anyone on the way down. Drunk driving (or any sort of DUI, really) should be treated the same as any other crime where you endanger others with a deadly weapon; just because you don’t kill anyone before the police catches you doesn’t make it better. Drunk drivers make a conscious choice to endanger the lives of others and should be punished accordingly. I personally think this CEO got off entirely too easy.