JetBlue Announces Passenger Bill Of Rights

JetBlue CEO apologized in a YouTube video for last week’s delays, and announced sweeping internal changes to prevent future occurrences.

• All non-airport crew members of JetBlue will be badged and ready to go if needed to be called upon
• Increasing number phone lines open for changing reservations
• Tripling the size of the group that schedules pilots and stewardesses

The airline announced a new reimbursement program for delayed passengers, retroactive to last Thursday, February 15.

• Delays 1-2 hours: $25 off a future flight
• Delays 2-4 hours: $50 off a future flight
• Delays 6+ hours: Free round-trip ticket

Fine showing of contrition and immediate action. We would fly JetBlue again. — BEN POPKEN

(Thanks to Michael!)