Welcome to Faulkton, South Dakota, Pop. 800, Home of The 2nd Highest Risk For ID Theft In The US

Where you live has a lot to do with your level of risk for ID theft. According to Computerworld:

Faulkton S.D. has a population of 800 and virtually no crime to speak of. Yet the citizens of this rural town are second only to the people in Floral Park, N.Y. when it comes to being at risk for having their identities stolen.

When examined at a 3 zipcode level, the results become a little less freakish and patterns emerge.

According to ID Analytics, the firm that conducted the analysis, the 10 metropolitan areas with the highest risk for ID theft are:

1. New York, NY
2. Detroit, MI
3. Los Angeles, CA
4. Little Rock, AR
5. Greenville, MS
6. Atlanta, GA
7. Phoenix, AZ
8. Portland, OR
9. Dallas, TX
10. Springfield, IL

The results don’t just identify victims, but perpetrators as well, and can be useful to law enforcement. If you live in South Dakota, however, don’t panic. Your state is actually one of the less risky ones overall.—MEGHANN MARCO

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ID Analytics Research Shows Highest Rates of U.S. Identity Fraud in New York and the Western States
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  1. misterelectric says:

    Portland is only #8? Come on, fellow Oregonians, get off your seats! We can do better!

  2. jodamiller says:

    Of course having such a small sample population makes it very easy for them to rank very high is any statistic. If they had 10 people suffer identity theft, that’d be 1.25% of the population. For NYC to have the same rate, roughly 101,250 people would have to suffer identity theft. It’s the same think when you hear some company is the “fastest growing” company of their type in the country. Of course if you only have 50 franchises it only take a small amount of new store to be growing at a rate much faster than the industry leader.

  3. max andrews says:

    Your sure to get faulked over if you live here…