GameStop Matches Customer Contact Info To Purchases, Asks If They Can Buy Back Games

GameStop has no regard for their customers or their customer’s privacy. Ben from Opposable Thumbs was just sitting down to dinner when his phone rang. It was GameStop:

“We hope you’re enjoying your copy of Twiliight Princess, but if you’re finished with it, why don’t you bring it to the store and trade it in? We’re willing to give you $35 in trade for your copy of Twilight Princess….” I hung up at this point, and try not to curse. I really don’t like this sort of phone call, but I’m almost willing to tolerate it when they’re telling me a game I want to buy is coming in.

It seems that GameStop has cross-referenced their reservation database with the records of what their customers purchase. Then, when they’re running low on used copies of Twilight Princess or whatever, they can call and harass people to sell them back. Damn, GameStop. We know a lot of your customers are used to being treated like crap, but this is a new low. —MEGHANN MARCO

GameStop wants your trade-ins. Enough to call you and ask for something they’ve already sold you [Opposable Thumbs via Kotaku]