T.J. Maxx Credit Card Breach Probed By MA & RI AGs

Massachusetts and Rhode Island are opening probes into T.J. Maxx after the retailer lost millions of consumer’s credit cards in a recent breach.

Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch, pictured, filed a civil investigative demand against T.J. Maxx

    “TJX owes its customers respect, not neglect,” Lynch said. “By being negligent in its security procedures and by failing to employ immediate and aggressive methods to notify their many customers of the distinct possibility that their identities had been — or were at risk of being — stolen, TJX has displayed disregard for its customers.”

Whoa, better watch out when Rhode Island, aka, “The Mafia State,” investigates. They’re probably just peeved they didn’t get cut in on the action. — BEN POPKEN

AG Lynch initiates action against TJX regarding security breach of its computer systems [riag.ri.gov]

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