Burger King Offers To Send Employment Recruiters To Tomato Farms

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, or CIW, has been lobbying Burger King to increase the money it pays for tomatoes by 1 penny per pound, in order to help tomato pickers earn a more livable wage. Burger King has denied their request, claiming:

To ask Burger King Corporation to pay a penny more a pound for tomatoes to increase workers’ wages is similar to asking shoppers to voluntarily pay a penny more per pound at the grocery store for tomatoes to increase workers’ wages. Both Burger King Corporation and grocery store shoppers have no business relationship with the workers and cannot get the extra penny to them.

Since they don’t want to seem, like, heartless or anything, Burger King has offered to work with the CIW to send human resources folks from BK down to the farm:

“We have spoken to CIW representatives about our interest in recruiting interested Immokalee workers into the BURGER KING

system. We have offered to send Burger King Corporation recruiters to the area to speak with the CIW and with workers themselves about permanent, full-time employment at BURGER KING

restaurants. Burger King Corporation offers ongoing professional training and advancement opportunities around the country for both entry-level and skilled employee jobs, and we are hopeful the CIW will accept our offer.”

We wonder if they’ll go for it. —MEGHANN MARCO

Statement from Burger King (Press Release) [NAMC Newswire] [Photo: carlosjwj]