Objective Movie Rating Site For Parents

Want to know if a movie is appropriate for kids but don’t trust the crappy, arbitrary, and useless censorship of the MPAA? You might want to check out kids-in-mind. The site seems relatively free of pesky moral judgments; it sticks to listing potentially inappropriate stuff so that you, the consumer, can decide if the movie is ok for your kid.


A man in an elevator is shot in the head (blood sprays on the wall of the elevator car and it pools under him on the floor). Two men are shot in the head (we see bloody wounds and blood pools under them on the floor). A man is shot in the head (blood pours from the wound and pools on the floor). A man shoots a man in the head, and he falls onto a table and then the floor (we see blood on his head).

And that’s just one entry from The Departed! What a good movie. —MEGHANN MARCO

Kids-in-mind [via BoingBoing]

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