Objective Movie Rating Site For Parents

Objective Movie Rating Site For Parents

Want to know if a movie is appropriate for kids but don’t trust the crappy, arbitrary, and useless censorship of the MPAA? You might want to check out kids-in-mind. The site seems relatively free of pesky moral judgments; it sticks to listing potentially inappropriate stuff so that you, the consumer, can decide if the movie is ok for your kid.

At Least Sam Walton Got Bandaids

In stark contrast to this morning’s story, “Target Has No Time For Owwies,” reader Frank writes that while visiting a Chicago area Sam’s Club…

Target Has No Time For Owwies

Every time we bad mouth Target (like when one of their managers verbally harassed an elderly handicapped woman), the entire comment section of this site suddenly goes frickin’ Devil’s Advocate. It’s testament to how much people love Target that our healthy constabulary of “Fuck Corporate America” commenters find their loins turned to jelly every time the company’s name is mentioned.