Sprint/Nextel Will Fire Any Employee Caught Participating In Blogs

Sprint/Nextel employees caught commenting or contributing to online venues, blogs, or consumer report-venues would be researched, identified, and documented via Corporate Security team and fired, announced Sprint senior council Len Kennedy via intracompany email Monday.

Kennedy sent the notice throughout the entire enterprise, according to a source inside Sprint. The concern is that such leaks could compromise Sprint’s competitive positioning

The Sprint Executive Service teams monitors online venues for potentially damaging PR or threatening legal issues seeming to arise from internal leaks.

Executive Services forwards these flagged items to Corporate Security, a division working in concert with Legal and HR. Attached to Corporate Security are a number of internet adroit sleuths who try to track down leaks and document for termination, using Google and various online tools.

Be careful on the internet, Sprint leaks. Don’t want you to go for a smoke break and find your badge deactivated when you try to come back inside.