Is It New If GameStop Already Opened It?

GameStop has a policy of opening their new games before they sell them to you, and that has some customers understandably pissed off. From Aeropause:

I stood there and watched the clerk open the cabinet and lift out a Sid Meier’s Pirates designed users manual. I see him pop open an empty PSP case and slide it in.

“I said NEW.” I replied angrily, having seen this before and knew what he would say,

*voice shaking* “This is new,” I was furious at this point. It was cold and late and I didn’t have time for his crap.

“So if I walk out the door right now with that unsealed case then walk back in here next week with it in the same condition, you’ll give me full return credit as a new game? I mean, it IS new after all right!?”

We think this stinks. —MEGHANN MARCO

Hey Gamestop! Stop Opening My New Games! [Aeropause] (Thanks, Kat!)

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