Man Gets Free Domino's By Saying He's A Journalist

We’ve got confirmation that you can call this number, say you’re a journalist, and get free Domino’s pizza.

NOTE TO EDITORS: We love to feed the media! Call the Domino’s Public Relations Department at +1-734-930-3741 to order a piping hot Domino’s Pizza for your newsroom or studio.

Just like we told you last week.

Dave, a blogger and journalist, has got your proof of concept. He called up that phone number and placed an order, saying he was a member of the media.

Dave: most people don’t follow up on stuff like that because they don’t think it works
benpopken: most people are lazy pussies
Dave: The Domino’s woman called me regarding my lunch and read of the 17,000 things that they are doing
Dave: blah blah blah – kina like charlie brown’s teacher
Dave: she cut me off at two pizzas
Dave: you”ll love this – they guy tried to charge me for it
benpopken: classy
Dave: the fact that he BACKED OFF MAKES ME WONDER
Dave: if he was trying to pocket it

There you have it. The pizza works. You just have to sit through a PR pitch and tell the delivery guy it’s already paid for. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. faust1200 says:

    Dominos is such great pizza. I mean when I think of pizza I think of Dominos! 3 cheers for Dominos! This is faust1200 reporting live from his computer.(munch munch) Back to you Ben.

  2. Mike Brown says:

    I’d hope Dominos make better pizza in the States then they do in Australia, the lure of a free one wouldn’t even sway me.

  3. scourge15 says:

    too bad dominos tasted like cardboard with cheese on top.


    you have be to kidding me, right?

  4. Teqonix says:

    While I advocate consumers getting fair treatment and compensation from companies when they screw the customer over, I don’t like stories advocating taking advantage of companies for free things unless they actually have a legitimate reason to do so.

    Case in point: Those Circuit City coupons for new residents in neighborhoods that got spread all over the internet for people looking to save $50 on a Wii. Circuit City invalidated them a week or so afterwards, and people were crying foul.

    I wonder if Dominoes is going to do the same thing once they get a bajillion calls from ‘journalists.’

  5. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    Ben, you’re a journalist… You could do several proofs of the concept, until you got sick of Domino’s pizza, without even bending the truth. You could do a Domino’s diet, in the spirit of the Special K diet.

  6. Scuba Steve says:

    I’d always wondered when free stuff would conflict with journalistic integrity. Now I know, it’s what’s for dinner.

  7. neobolts says:

    When attending corporate and political functions as a reporter, policy was to accept only water (including bottled water). I’ll admit that at catered events, I’d sometimes snag something for the ride home on the sly…usually after having declined the same food when offered by the interview subject.

  8. timmus says:

    Ben is a journalist, as far as I’m concerned… a darn good one too.

  9. I might just try pulling that off at a call center and get some co-workers some free din-din.

  10. Scazza says:

    I remember when I lived in Belfast 7 years ago, the ONLY Dominos pizza in town was on the other side of the city (belfast). We would drive for a good 40 minutes to get to them. Why? Because they were the ONLY pizza place in town to make the pizza right there in front of you. They were also the best.

    Since moving to canada, Dominoes up here is just horrible and fails to Pizza-Pizza and Pizza-Nova. How I miss the trip in the car to get the best pizza in the city, it was like a monthly event if we were good.

  11. aka Cat says:

    I hope Dave tipped the delivery guy.

  12. Hambriq says:

    In Thailand, you get a free hooker if you tell them you’re American. That’s close, right?

  13. raincoaster says:

    A Domino’s diet? Hell, I’m a journalist; sounds good to me. Maybe I can sell it to Cholesteral Monthly. Dommy’s…call me.

  14. girlhattan says:

    doesn’t domino’s use their money to build a catholic town where you can’t buy birth control?

  15. kkuchenb says:

    Mike Brown says:
    I’d hope Dominos make better pizza in the States then they do in Australia, the lure of a free one wouldn’t even sway me.


    Nope, they don’t . And with so many wonderful pizza joints in New York (and they all deliver), there’s never any reason to order from Dominos. I don’t know how they stay in business in this city.

  16. Heather Fink says:

    I just tried calling and I got the lady’s voicemail. I want the pizzas but I’m kinda scared now that posting this here has ruined it and the pizza lady will get mad and yell at me.

  17. etfe says:

    Um, this is theft. It’s illegal! It also makes consumer prices rise. How can anyone encourage this?

  18. malatron says:

    Here is a post I wrote about this topic. I did recieve an email confirmation from Dana, stating she will be sending me two pizzas.