50 Ways to Save At The Grocery Store

Thifty Mommy has a good list of 50 ways to save at the grocery store. We knew most of them, and do some of them, but it’s still a nice reminder of what to watch out for. A few favorites:

•Check the weekly sales flyer. Usually the items on the front page is where you’ll save the most. I mostly try to shop the sales and for a few things that I really need. It seems when I shop this way, I don’t need as much stuff because I’ve stocked up when the items were on sale.

• Eat before you shop. If you shop on an empty stomach you will more than likely spend at least $20 (maybe even $50) more than you had planned.

• Plan your meals according to what’s on sale. If taco shells and lettuce are on sale, then you know we’ll be having tacos.

• Try not to shop when you’re tired. Chances are you’ll buy chocolate and other carbs that will make you feel good.

We’d also add that you should avoid big chain grocery stores and check out the alternatives. You may be surprised at how much you can save, especially on quality produce. —MEGHANN MARCO

50 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill [Thrifty Mommy via Dumb Little Man]