Ask The Consumerists: When Moving, Is It Better To Cancel Cable?

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Reader Matt from Palatine, IL writes in:


Perhaps you can present this to your readership: Is it better to cancel cable service and start new service when you move, or just transfer existing service? I’m in suburban Chicago and deal with Comcast. I’m thinking about canceling everything, and starting anew with a bundled package (since bundled packages are not for current subscribers).

Any thoughts?


Well, Matt. When we tried to transfer our Comcast service many eons ago, we: 1) Were told we could. 2) Then were told we couldn’t. 3) Were charged for service at two addresses. 4) No one came to install the new service, but were billed anyway. 5) Ended up transferring the account to our parent’s house just to end the madness. 6) Are still sort of mad about it.

From our personal experience, we think it’s best just to cancel, especially if you can get a better deal that way. Then again, perhaps our experience with Comcast was unusual. What do the readers think? —MEGHANN MARCO

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