Avis Rental Cars Are Wi-Fi Hotspots

According to an Avis press release, soon you will be able to turn your rental car into a portable wi-fi hot spot. Yay, internet while driving. We suppose this is more awesome than driving around searching for an open network or a Panera Bread….

From an Avis Press Release:

Starting in the first quarter of 2007, Avis customers will be able to rent an Autonet Mobile Service unit, the first “always-on broadband mobile network,” which provides a portable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that works virtually anywhere. The new technology will initially be available in 10 U.S. markets, for an additional fee of $10.95 per day.

The little gizmo works with all wi-fi enabled laptops, pdas, etc. The service will be available at select Avis locations in the following cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (metro area), San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. Even more spiffy is the fact that the portable wi-fi spot can be removed from the car and taken anywhere the traveler goes. We don’t really rent cars that much, but we think this sounds pretty cool. It would be even cooler if it were free. And, by the way, doesn’t that AVIS guy look comfy internetting in his car? —MEGHANN MARCO