Target Bypassing Music Labels, Releasing Its Own Music

Target is as sick of music labels as you are, it seems.

Target on Thursday said it partnered with an independent start-up music label, 180 Music, to release 15 adult contemporary CDs in all 1,449 stores on February 25 for $9.99 each. Similar releases are set to follow, according to 180 Music founder and chief executive officer Jim Brandmeier.

They’re planning on releasing CDs by Kenny Loggins and David Cassidy.

“A lot of legendary adult artists have been ignored and the adult audience has been ignored as well, so we’re going to put those two things together for artists to express themselves,” Brandmeier said, adding that Target plans only to release the series in physical form and not make it available digitally.”

Starbucks, Walmart and Sam Goody have all worked directly with artists to exclusively distribute music, so this move by Target is nothing new, but it does sound warning bells for record labels. First David Cassidy, then the world. —MEGHANN MARCO

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