How Does A $3 Toll Turn Into A $20 Rental Car Charge?

Cashless payment systems like E-ZPass have helped make highway driving a less irksome experience by speeding up lines. Rental car companies even offer this option so you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing last-minute scrounge for change at the tollbooth, but rental car customers are now realizing that this convenience can come at a huge price. [More]


Sacramento Airport Car Rental Counters Charged Extra .5% Sales Tax For 2 Months

Half of one percent is a very small amount, to state the extremely obvious. It can make a big difference in an annual budget, though, for a city that raises sales tax rates by half a percent. That’s fine, as long as merchants don’t do anything silly like charge higher city tax rates outside of the city limits. Like, for example, the car rental counters at the airport in Sacramento, California. [More]


Avis Splashes Out $500 Million To Buy Itself Something Nice — Zipcar

Times used to be, you needed a car and you didn’t have one? Renting one from a rental car company was the only option, and it was often quite an expensive option. Bt Zipcar has made quite a name for itself with its easy hourly rentals and convenient pick-up spots. Now Avis wants to hitch its wagon to rising Zipcar’s star, and has agreed to buy the company for $500 million in cold, hard cash. [More]


5 Major Rental Car Companies Agree To Stop Renting & Leasing Recalled Vehicles

You know what’s a scary thought? Renting a vehicle from a car rental company and then finding out that it’s part of a recall, but was never brought in for the necessary repairs. Then there you are, driving a potentially dangerous vehicle. We’re kind of surprised it took this long, but now Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Dollar Thrifty and National have agreed to stop leasing vehicles under safety recalls. [More]

New Law Would Forbid Rental Car Companies From Renting Recalled Cars

New Law Would Forbid Rental Car Companies From Renting Recalled Cars

For years, consumer advocates have been calling for legislation that would make it illegal for rental car companies to rent out or sell vehicles that are currently under a safety recall. That notion is inching closer to becoming a reality with the introduction of the Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act. [More]

Avis Customers Sue Over E-Z Pass "Convenience" Fee

Avis Customers Sue Over E-Z Pass "Convenience" Fee

Have you noticed that anytime a company charges something labeled a “convenience fee,” it only angers customers more? For example, a recently filed class-action claim alleges that car rental biggie Avis didn’t fully disclose the details of the convenience fee it charges customers who rent vehicles equipped with E-Z Pass devices. [More]

Should Rental Car Companies Be Allowed To Rent Out Recalled Vehicles?

Every year, several million cars are recalled for repairs that cover everything from the most minor safety concerns to potential death traps. But some rental companies continue to hire out vehicles that haven’t been repaired, even months or years after the recall announcement. [More]

Priceline Promised No "Young Renter Fee," But Avis Says Pay Up

Priceline Promised No "Young Renter Fee," But Avis Says Pay Up

When Lauren reserved a car rental through Priceline last week, she checked out the fine print to see if she’d have to pay any age-related extra fees, and according to Priceline what she bid would be the total price. Now Avis is telling her Priceline is wrong and she’ll have to come up with more money at the rental counter. [More]

USAA And Mastercard Turn Celebrity Librarian Into Unwitting Consumer Scofflaw

USAA And Mastercard Turn Celebrity Librarian Into Unwitting Consumer Scofflaw

K.G. writes that she used her Mastercard to pay for a car rental from Avis. The card issuer, Consumerist darling USAA, assured her that the card provided insurance coverage for rental cars. Good to know! Except for how the insurance claim was denied, possibly because she used a coupon for the car rental. No one is entirely sure. The bill went straight to a collection agency without ever giving K.G. an opportunity to, um, actually pay it. Now she’s being penalized for ducking a bill she was never sent, and still can’t get a straight answer out of any of the companies involved. [More]

No Rentals Left? Pricematch With A Rival

No Rentals Left? Pricematch With A Rival

During my break I made a reservation to rent a car from Enterprise. My flight was delayed and when I got to my destination, all Enterprise’s cars were gone. However, they did tell me that AVIS was price-matching Enterprise’s rates and so I was able to go over to the AVIS desk and get a car for roughly the same price. This was a good thing too as it was holiday time and otherwise I would be paying roughly triple. So, something to remember if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, call up one of the rental places “co-optetitors” and see if they’ll give you a similar car for similar price. As for the logic behind them taking your reservation only to sell it out from under you, well, that’s a story for another day.

385 Car Rental Discount Codes

Here’s about 385 working discount codes and coupons for National, Enterprise, Budget, AVIS, and HERTZ, courtesy of Fat Wallet. The post says they’re all tested as of 6/30/07. If you have trouble using any of the codes, read through the pages of messages for tips and pointers.

Avis Rental Cars Are Wi-Fi Hotspots

According to an Avis press release, soon you will be able to turn your rental car into a portable wi-fi hot spot. Yay, internet while driving. We suppose this is more awesome than driving around searching for an open network or a Panera Bread….

AVIS Gives Free iTunes With Rentals

AVIS Gives Free iTunes With Rentals

Get free iTunes downloads every time you rent directly from AVIS. 1-4 days = 5 tracks, 5+ days = 10 tracks. More Than Points tells us how it’s done:

Avis Has Compact Tact Available But Not Car…

A complaint and a tip, all in one email, what a happy day, albeit not one for Avis car rental.