BBB Sluts For GM

The BBB is GM’s bitch, at least that’s what we gather from a post by David Berlind, Executive Editor at ZDNet.

The paint was chipping off David Berlind’s Pontiac Vibe at an alarming rate. The dealer refused to cover it so David took GM to BBB court. A series of monkeyshanks ensued, the most egregious being:

…After the hearing is over, each party (us, and GM) is allowed to send to the BBB a final statement and rebuttal. So as to guarantee impartiality, neither party can see the other party’s final statement/rebuttal until both have been submitted…when GM’s final statement came in, it included specific references to our rebuttal…. references that could not have been made unless they saw our rebuttal before submitting their own.

David says he found many other Pontiac Vibe owners on the net experiencing the same problem: paint chipping too fast, dealer denies culpability, GM taken to BBB court, BBB bends over like a tranny pre-op saving up for surgery.

Guess that’s what happens when you’re funded by the companies you’re supposed to regulate. — BEN POPKEN

GM: ‘Stand by. We’re about to spam you.’ [Berlind’s Testbed] (Thanks to KT!)