Do The Right Thing: Digg For Corporations

Do The Right Thing is Digg for corporations.

Users vote on the impact (which we take to mean impact on the common good) of various stories, like Exxon cutting ties to global warming skeptics. Do The Right Thing encourages participants to bring other sources into the discussion to bolster their arguments, and places easy

Certain companies, like Starbucks, Walmart and Whole foods are put up for 60 day “evaluation review” where the aggregate of all the stories about a company are compiled into a total score.

Another cool feature is that official company representatives can register and tell their side of the story.

Launched only a week ago, the site currently has 760 registered users and shows promise for positive growth.

The one drawback we see is that it takes 3 clicks to actually get to rate a post. Perhaps this is to encourage people to actually read what’s going on rather than voting on the headline, but it does take away from some of the immediacy that is one of Digg’s strengths.

Overall, a very nifty idea. We’ve joined up and will be checking the place out. — BEN POPKEN

Do The Right Thing [via NewAssignment] (Thanks to Paul!)

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