Sweat The Pennies

A snip from The Net Worth Workout: A Powerful Program for a Lifetime of Financial Fitness

With money, especially smaller sums, we’re tempted to be cavalier, as if every dollar held equal significance. Just as no calorie is “just a calorie,” no dollar is “just a dollar.” But over the long haul, aggregated into thousands of choices, the financial implications loom large indeed.

We make these small decisions every day with our money and with our time. People who have built wealth have done it on an even grander scale: They’ve made a decision to spend another eight hours a month planning finances, rather than watching television, talking on the phone, or, perhaps, working.

This is why cutting out or even just cutting down that Starbucks, or say, drinking alcohol, can add up to lots of savings in the long-run.

Most millionaires don’t get that way by sudden windfall, it’s by making the right, tiny, decisions, over and over again. — BEN POPKEN

Small Financial Decisions Matter [Free Money Finance]