HSBC Direct Offers 6% APY On New Deposits Until April 30

Now through April 30th, HSBC Direct offers a whopping 6% APY on any new money deposited into an online savings account. That’s better than most CD’s.

For current HSBC Direct customer, the old 5.05% will apply to your “old” money, but 6% will apply to any “new” money you deposit.

HSBC Direct is one of the better ones online savings accounts (ING Direct is another). $1.00 minimum balance. Free Bank to bank transfers. With a HSBC Direct debit/ATM card, your money is always close at hand.

Your traditional brick and mortar bank is probably giving you around 1.25% interest. With 5.05& and now 6%, your money really has a chance to grow. HSBC pays interest monthly, giving you a nice psychic “win” every four weeks.

If you haven’t tried online savings accounts, HSBC Direct’s 6% promotion makes now the perfect time. — BEN POPKEN

New Money Promotion [HSBC Direct] (Thanks to Max!)