Don’t Get Screwed On Valentine’s Day: Cards And Gifts

Valentines Day price gouging makes us frown, so we’re putting together some tips to help you save money… while not seeming cheap. Ok, you might seem a little cheap, but savvy consumerism can be sexy. Next: Cards and Gifts

Make Your Own Cards Using Cheap Materials. You can spend a fortune making cards from expensive organic imported paper and soy ink stamps. Don’t do that. Let Martha Stewart’s people do that. You want to make cards out of pictures you’ve cut out of old catalogs, netflix wrappers, buttons you will never, ever, ever sew onto anything, and dollar store paper doilies. In fact, if you do make something really neat out of recycled crap, send us a scan at marco at consumerist dot com.

Send Weird Dollar Store Cards. Let’s face it. Valentine’s Day cards are tacky anyway. Try to find the cheapest tackiest cards you can. It’ll make your friends laugh, trust us. We do this whenever we send a card.

Get Your Valentine Something Thoughtful. Make something, or locate something your valentine always wanted. Perhaps you could do something your valentine has been putting off. “Look babydoll, I did your taxes! Check out the home office deduction!” The more thoughtful the gift, the less you have to spend to make up for the fact that deep down you’re a thoughtless jerk.

Buy Kid’s Valentine’s Cards on Clearance the Year Before. Ok, well, too late. But you can get some this year for next year.

Learn to Fold A Paper Rose. People dig the paper rose. Also, the paper rose is cheap. Just like you! In a good way. Learn to fold one!

If You Must Buy Evil Expensive Jewelry, BlueNile is an online retailer that has high quality stuff for less than the 5th Ave-type stores, so we’ve heard. We’re sure there are others.—MEGHANN MARCO