Broadway Photo’s Sheisty-Looking Business Addresses

Broadway Photo is a New York area camera cabal infamous for ripping customers off. First they lure in people with camera kits below market value. Then they try to upsell customers on all sorts of accessories and try to make them believe their gear won’t work without it. People have experienced unauthorized charges and report being verbally abused when they try to dispute the charges.

For example, this person’s experience:

To make my point very clear, I told him, “Look Steve, I wipe my ass with Sigma lenses.” (Nothing against Sigma, I just wanted to make my point emphatically.) Apparently he understood this and offered to cancel the order but still charge me the shipping and restocking fee. We went around on this point for a little while and ended with him vowing to fight me on this. I disputed the charge right away with my credit card company…

Recently, Vincent Ferrari decided to take pictures of all the “business locations” listed in Broadway Photo’s BBB report.

The less than confidence inspiring results, inside…

Photo credits: Vincent Ferrari.

315.jpg315 East 89th Street: M.A.N Textile Corp

321.jpg321 East 89th Street is a door with an awning and a sticker with the number.

2922.jpg2922 Avenue L is EO Optics

1412.jpg1412 Avenue M is Mail-N-Pack (meaning they’re using a maildrop for their mail)

checkinthemail.jpg5014 16th Avenue is a Check Cashing store….

electronics.jpg….the interesting thing is that right next to it is an appliance store


337 East 89th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236
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Principal: Darin Krask, Manager

Phone Number: (718) 338-1800

Additional Phone Numbers:
(718) 338-0634 (800) 951-9542 (718) 338-1352
(800) 709-4491 (866) 407-3425 (800) 432-2180
(800) 572-6152 (718) 338-0634 (718) 837-5999
(718) 837-2666

Fax Number: (718) 338-3029


Type of Business: Photographic Equipment & Supplies-Retail, Computers-Dealers, Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Dealers

Membership Status: This company is not a member.

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.
Nature of Business

Complaints to the Bureau indicate that this firm uses high pressures sales tactics after consumers place their orders. After ordering merchandise consumers report receiving a phone call from the firm’s customer representatives attempting to sell additional items. Representatives allegedly try to persuade consumers to buy the U.S. warranty, as well as accessories like cables, peripherals, and software, or lead consumers to believe the product will not work if additional merchandise is not purchased. In some cases, if the consumers declined, an email was sent advising them to cancel their orders because the item was on back-order despite being listed as available on the firm’s website. Consumers also reported unauthorized charges on their invoices. When trying to dispute such charges, consumers report difficulty talking to management, claiming they are verbally abused by the company’s staff.
Customer Experience

Based on BBB files, this business has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau, because there is a pattern of complaints, and the business has not corrected the underlying reason for the complaints.

The company’s size, volume of business, and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by the BBB. The number of complaints filed against a company may not be as important as the type of complaints, and how the company handled them. The BBB generally does not pass judgment on the validity of complaints filed.

Complaint Outcome Statistics:
Complaint Outcome Last 12 Months Last 12..36 Months Total
Consumer received the requested resolution 152 290 442
Consumer received part of the requested resolution 40 77 117
Administratively Judged Resolved
The Company has responded to the complaint(s) addressing the disputed issues, however, the consumer remains dissatisfied 23 69 92
No Response
The Company has failed to respond to complaints 11 16 27
TOTAL 226 452 678

Complaint Issues:

Please understand that complaints may concern more than one issue
Complaint Issue Last 12 Months Last 12..36 Months Total
Advertising Issues 21 64 85
Contract Disputes 4 2 6
Credit or Billing Disputes 39 54 93
Delivery Issues 19 29 48
Guarantee or Warranty Issues 11 11 22
Product Quality 11 14 25
Refund Practices 23 41 64
Repair Issues 3 3 6
Selling Practices 90 223 313
Service Issues 5 11 16
TOTAL 226 452 678
Additional Business Names

This firm also does business under the following names. This is not necessarily a complete list.

A&M Photo World


Digital Liquidators LLC

Ghu, LLC

Preferred Photo

Prestige Camera

Regal Camera


Wild Digital LLC
Additional Locations

This firm also does business at the following locations.

2922 Avenue L
Brooklyn, NY 11210

315 East 89th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236

5014 16th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204

1412 Avenue M
Brooklyn, NY 11230

321 East 89th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236

Report as of: 1/25/2007


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