Your Old Plumbing Can Help Pay For Your New Plumbing

Selling the copper from your old plumbing can help offset the cost of new plumbing, says DIY site Curbly:

    There are great alternatives to copper when it comes to re-piping your home, so there’s no real need to pay any premiums there. But why not take advantage with the old copper pipe you’re going to replace?

    Scrap metal recyclers in Seattle, where I am, are paying upwards of $1.75 or so per pound for scrap copper. This is what they’ll pay you for what you’ll probably throw away anyway. Why not take advantage? If you’re lucky enough to have all your waste lines in old copper pipe and plan to gut the house anyway, so much the better.

As the daughter of a construction electrician, we understand the power of tiny, seemingly useless, pieces of copper. Scrap copper is the substance that powers Santa Claus. —MEGHANN MARCO

Help Your New Plumbing Pay For Itself [Curbly]

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