Burger King: Would You Like Meth With That?

If you need another reason not to eat fast food, here it is: A manager of a California Burger King was caught using the drive-thru to sell methamphetamine. The customer would place their food order (and their drug order) through the drive-thru ordering system and manager Michelle Filby would fill it.

Then, of course, the customers would drive around, where they’d pick up and pay for their drugs (and food.) Narcotics officers shut down the Burger King and caught Michelle with 5 grams of meth. She’s being held for suspicion of possessing a controlled substance for sale, maintaining a place for drug sales, and committing a felony after being released by a court in connection with another crime.

Gives a whole new meaning to “Wake Up With the King” doesn’t it? —MEGHANN MARCO

Police: Worker Sold Drugs At Marysville Drive-Through [KCRA]