Have A Spice Trading Party

This is a tip we really love, because we have huge bags of bulk spices in our cupboard and occasionally they fall on our head. We’ve always just dealt with it because we refuse to buy a tiny jar of spice for the same amount as a huge bulk bag of spice, so there you are. 2 Pennies Earned has a solution. Have a spice trading party!

    First, get friends to commit and submit a list of spices they want. Then, have one or two people go to the store and purchase all of the spices on your friends’ list. They should also buy a bunch of the smallest Gladware (or similar cheap tupperware) containers you can find and some labels. Then get everyone together to divide up the spices and pay their fair share.

This is a great idea. The days of being hit on the head with a huge sack of bay leaves are over. —MEGHANN MARCO

Spice Trading Party [2 Pennies Earned]