Free Stuff: Choose Your Own Adventure Download for iPod

Choose Your Own Adventure book #1 is now available for download to your iPod…free of charge until Jan 25,2007. From the press release:

    Unlike the typical “one way only” story in a narrated audiobook, the CYOA download goes in countless directions as “you” in the role of main character click on links to select the story’s direction. The video screen allows the user to view full color illustrations, albeit in miniature. R. A. Montgomery, CYOA author and founder, narrates the story in which “you” are a skilled mountain climber on an expedition through the Himalayas in search of the elusive Yeti. Sound effects like the whirl of a helicopter or howling winds enhance the sense of immersion.

    iPod is one of many ways to reach kids,” says Montgomery. “In particular this is an exciting new way to help reading and decision-making skills.”

We loved these books when were small! Do small children have iPods? We are out of touch.—MEGHANN MARCO

Beware! Choose Your Own Adventure #1-The Abominable Snowman is no ordinary audiobook.[PR Web]
Free Download [CYOA]


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  1. Smoking Pope says:

    My 6 year old daughter does, but it’s a shuffle. Kids drops things, and there’s no way I’m forking over $250 for a proper iPod, only to have the hard drive toasted in less than a week.

  2. How do you skip ahead to the adventure you want to hear? I hope it’s not through fast forward. Although it’s precise on the ipod so I guess better than some.

  3. mrbenning says:

    Back in the day when I was a kid, I remember feeling awkward carrying more than 5 dollars in my pocket. Now I see preteens walking around with cellphones and iPods.

    The times they are a changing.

  4. Citron says:

    Small children? I want this! I’m going to download it now.

  5. I forgot about those books! That and Ralph S. Mouse [the mouse with the motorcycle] were my fave books as a kid.

  6. Sheik says:

    I was always really bad at these books, reaching some horrible fate within 30 minutes.

    But with all of the possible paths in these books I guess no one path could have last any more than 50 pages or so. Do kids really need an alternative to sitting down and reading 50 pages?

  7. i used to find my favorite endings and then track my way backwards. there’s only so many ‘you made a wrong choice and die horribly’ endings a kid can take.

  8. I remember this one (I think it was called Escape from Tenopia) where it only had ONE ending so you couldn’t actually die, but it was like being in Blair Witch — I kept ending up at the same damned place over and over again no matter which directions I chose.

    That book is probably still in my basement and I bet I still can’t “solve” it.

  9. Kat says:

    My favorite CYOA book is Secret of the Old Museum. It’s on Amazon. When they make that available for my iPod, I’ll take it.

  10. homerjay says:

    I just bought a bunch of new hardcover CYOA books for my son. I loved them so much growing up that I had to get them for him. Now if I can only get him to read…

  11. etinterrapax says:

    I used to love these books, but it always bothered me that it was almost impossible to make a “good” decision and have a happy ending. You could choose the option where you quit the adventure, went home, and read a book in bed, and a monster would come out of nowhere and make a snack of you. It was frustrating.

  12. shoegazer says:

    I *loved* these when I was a kid. When a particularly tough choice came up I’d always leave a finger on the page and come back if I met a nasty end in a few pages or so. I would inevitably run out of fingers. Bah.