ThisIsDumb: Commerce Bank’s Monitors Face Window

Can you spot the problem in this picture? Reader Conformco snagged it and writes:

    “A new Commerce Bank opened over the holiday break on 50th & Broadway in Manhattan. When I walked past this afternoon, I noticed that the desks inside feature monitors that face out onto a public plaza.

    Now maybe they’re just using these for Google Earth or pr0n, but the guy I saw seemed hard at work on a spreadsheet… a spreadsheet that I imagine contained account numbers, names, SSN and the like. But maybe not.

    Either way, they’re not getting my business until the get some privacy glass installed. Or at least some shrubbery.”

Just because all the cool TV shows like 24 have everyone interacting through a series of glass pane offices doesn’t mean the rest of us have to, Commerce Bank. — BEN POPKEN