All About Steak

We were making steak today when it occurred to us that we don’t know a whole lot about it. Then, while poking around Slate, we stumbled upon a shopping article about steak. Is it all about the marbling? Or grass-fed vs grain? What’s the best steak?

    Before you walk into your neighborhood butcher and say, “Three rib-eye Angus steaks, please, pastured in the Rocky Mountain foothills, finished on barley, but with a hint of oats, and dry-aged for 28–no, make that 29–days,” keep in mind that as a consumer, such choice does not exist. That said, if you scour specialty butcher shops or Google “steak,” you’ll discover other options, including naturally raised, grain-fed, and grass-fed beef. Which leaves carnivores with the question: Which steak tastes the best?

The Slate writer held a taste test and decided on grass-fed beef at $21.50 per lbs, not the most expensive variety tested. “Never have I witnessed a piece of meat so move grown men (and women).” Check it out.

Raising the Steaks[Slate]