Tell Kinkos It Sucks And Make Them Lose Money

If you went to Kinkos, and had a sucky experience, you should first try to resolve your complaint with the manager in-store and on-the-spot. Failing that, write down the store address and call 1-800-463-3339.

Say “more options” twice to the voicebot, then, “representative.” Tell them what happened. Thrill in the knowledge you are costing that particular store profit sharing dollars.

A former Kinkos worker tells us,

“FedEx Kinko’s has a profit-sharing system based on customer satisfaction, calculated by an outside company. It only takes one customer phone call to impact profit sharing.”

Furthermore, and this is probably more relevant to corporate customers,

“FedEx Kinko’s started a series of internal turn-around times last April that they must follow [called] “10-1-50 in 5,” [ie] 10,000 black and white copies, 5,000 color copies, and 50 binds in 5 hours. Customers can use these special turn-around offers with guaranteed times, or FedEx Kinko’s will eat the cost of the job.”

Shoppers bite back! — BEN POPKEN