Tell Kinkos It Sucks And Make Them Lose Money

If you went to Kinkos, and had a sucky experience, you should first try to resolve your complaint with the manager in-store and on-the-spot. Failing that, write down the store address and call 1-800-463-3339.

Say “more options” twice to the voicebot, then, “representative.” Tell them what happened. Thrill in the knowledge you are costing that particular store profit sharing dollars.

A former Kinkos worker tells us,

“FedEx Kinko’s has a profit-sharing system based on customer satisfaction, calculated by an outside company. It only takes one customer phone call to impact profit sharing.”

Furthermore, and this is probably more relevant to corporate customers,

“FedEx Kinko’s started a series of internal turn-around times last April that they must follow [called] “10-1-50 in 5,” [ie] 10,000 black and white copies, 5,000 color copies, and 50 binds in 5 hours. Customers can use these special turn-around offers with guaranteed times, or FedEx Kinko’s will eat the cost of the job.”

Shoppers bite back! — BEN POPKEN


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  1. mark duffy says:

    THIS is wonderful info. Better than punching them in the face. OK, maybe not better, but definitely worse for them.

  2. mendel says:

    Calling them to reduce their profit-sharing proceeds only means that the stockholders get more and the employees get less. Sort of an empty victory, really.

  3. igglebock says:

    I don’t work in a Kinko’s. But I do work in printing. Customer files are almost never set up correctly for whatever process they’re going to be used in. You never know what you’ll run into. The equipment could have a problem. You never know how much work will come in in a given time. You never know what **rush** job will come in and break into your job. You never know when the toner or ink or paper will run out and you have to stop what you’re doing and go back to a machine that’s been running smoothly. Then you try to arrange your breaks and lunch around production. We all do our best, but a lot of the situation is beyond human control. Now if you bought some pens that don’t write — then you can complain. I’m sure Kinko’s will replace them with a smile.

  4. umfan83 says:

    As a former unfortunate Kinkos employee, this is all very true. Another thing that is true from my experience is that if your job is done improperly, late or not to your specifications, usually if you prod the manager, you can get your job at a nice discount. Both the branches that I worked at would rather a customer leave happy at a lesser price, then call corporate. And it doesn’t hurt their bottom line that much. I was told that a color copy costs Kinkos, I believe, .08 per copy. Kinkos charges at last check .99. A black and white costs around .01 for Kinkos, and they charge .09. Pretty nice turnaround, eh?

  5. natemc says:

    mendel is right, it just takes money out of the pockets of the already lowly paid employees, who are lots of times college students that don’t have enough money as it is.

    If something gets screwed up, ask to get it fixed! Every employee is empowered to help fix your order with a redo order or extra prints without consulting a manager (up to a certain limit).

  6. @ mendel

    Besides customer complaints, mystery shoppers make monthly calls to ensure quality service, and such.

    In April, 2006, only a handful of stores met their profit-sharing goals — mostly from MS calls.

    So! Use that leverage! They’re probably failing the profit-sharing already!

  7. Petrol42 says:

    I use to work at Kinko’s and its sad that the customer service there really sucks. The fault of the crappy customer service starts with the manager. If the manager isn’t taking control of his/her store, then the employees have free reign to do whatever they want. When a new employee starts, the co-workers tell the new employee NOT to help the customers or employees who aren’t told to do so just take it into there own hands to NOT help the customer. I would often get pissed off at my apathetic and customer un-friendly attitude co-workers and I wanted to punch alot of them in the face. When I first started, I got sucked into the whole unfriendly customer attitude but later on I realized that the quicker I would help a customer, the quicker they would leave and then leave me alone.

    About the profit sharing. I haven’t worked there since FED-EX bought Kinko’s but when I was there, the profit sharing was a joke and I’d imagine the profit sharing plan hasn’t changed much since I left. I worked there a total of 5 years and I only got 1 profit sharing check and it was for like $20 dollars. The profit sharing plan is suppose to be an incentive for the employees to bust ass but there are so many goals that you have to meet that its next to impossible to get a profit sharing check. Also when I worked there, almost all the Kinko’s in my region weren’t even profitable. So in the end, you have a bunch of underpaid, unhappy employees serving you.

    One last thing. If you do have a problem that you can’t resolve with the employee, do get a hold of the manager and tell them your displeasure with the service you recieved. Most likely the manager will apologize and knock off %10-%25 percent off your bill. If the manager seems unresponsive, DO contact the Kinko’s corporate. When I worked there and there was a complaint that went to corporate, the manager ALWAYS got a letter telling them the situation and special attention is needed. Although Kinko’s IS run by Fed-Ex now and I find Fed-Ex employees to be MORE crappy than a Kinko’s employee. God help us all

  8. hadruak says:

    For the record, I work at a FedExKinko’s (there is no such this as just a Kinko’s any more. We got bought by FedEx), and customer complaints cost us employees money, and they give the corporate fat-cats even more of a reason to deny us raises.

    Because of silly policies like the customer complaints affecting our bonus pay, where it doesn’t matter whether we did anything wrong or not, just so long as the customer complains, we have a hard time hiring people, because it’s much easier finding a job that pays about the same with less stress.

    Plus, the people who implement these policies are never affected by them. Other wonderful policies that FedExKinko’s has enacted have had me work the last two Thanksgiving Days (because god forbid someone shouldn’t get copies made on turkey day), or the policies dictating that we can’t say no to jobs that come in, regardless of whether we can actually get them done or not. (Yes, refusing a job can result in termination of employment.)

    So, here’s the deal. If you genuinely had a bad experience at one of the stores, and the employees there were no help whatsoever, feel free to complain along the official channels. But don’t do it because you hate large corporatioons, or because you feel like being a dick. You’re not hurting the corporation. You’re hurting the poor schlubs who work here.

  9. Kori Bustard says:

    Kinko’s has never been the same since Orfalea left and FedEx took over. Back in my day, Kinko’s assisted in my greatest high school pranks. Now they’re not even all 24 hours — maybe that’s always been true, but that’s how they’d like to be viewed.

    I say leave the kids alone and go after the mid-level staffers. They need a nudge to get another job, and chances are good they acted out of malice.

  10. I think they watched the “PopCopy Employee Manual” before going to work.

  11. monitorlizzard says:

    “FedEx Kinko’s started a series of internal turn-around times last April that they must follow [called] “10-1-50 in 5,” [ie] 10,000 black and white copies, 5,000 color copies, and 50 binds in 5 hours. Customers can use these special turn-around offers with guaranteed times, or FedEx Kinko’s will eat the cost of the job.”

    By the way, FedEx Kinko’s never had a policy that we would give your job to you for free if it wasn’t done within a certain amount of time. That was kicked around, but never offically implimented. So your former employee was wrong on that account.

    I’ve worked for the company for 11 years. I treat all my customers in a professional manner. And so do the majority of my coworkers. The ones who don’t get their hinies busted by the rest of us oldtimers.

    I’ve had great customers, OK customers and customers who treated me like trash. I had one guy tell me that I was “big, ugly and looked like a mule” because I wouldn’t break the rules for him (copyright issue).

    So yeah, go ahead and call the hotline and punish us – but first, talk to us like we are humans and ask us to help you solve your problem. Most of the time you will find someone who is committed to making sure you are happy when you leave – and not because the company told us to be that way.

  12. A_lowly_one says:

    Most of the problems at Fedex Kinko’s are due to mismanagement and lack of training their employees — nonetheless, the management places ALL the blame on them for everything that goes wrong! Fedex is so concerned with rules and regulations — customer’s have to sign TWICE just to have a copy made! It’s a madhouse, but it really ISN’T the non-managerial employee’s fault.

  13. tribalink says:

    I hate the fedex Kinkos on Beach and adams in Huntington beach, they don’t know what the hell they are talking about there. They will give you a different answer every time you call. We called and asked what time ground drop off cut off time was they said 4:15pm, we have gone to drop off 2 times after that at 4:00pm, and ground already came. So we called again to double check, once again they said drop off time was 4:15pm. Then we had someone from our company go to drop off a package he got there at 3:55pm, they told him cut off was 4 and the ground guy came early today. I called them right after i found this out. I spoke with a man there he told me cut off was 4:15pm and i told him we just had someone go to drop something off and they told him 4:00pm and that ground came early that day. He put me on hold, came back on and said umm no ground isn’t allowed to come early, the pick up is 4:15pm. Then he proceeded to talk to me like i was stupid saying “well i don’t know who told you that, because drop off is 4:15pm”. So i told him sarcastically “o ok well i guess im just making this all up” then i hung up on him. There customer service is horrible!

  14. Alain1071 says:

    Fedexkinkos is the absolute worst.You have to fill out form after form, do you want a proof, blah blah blah. I have never once had a job done right, or done on time. I have no idea how this company makes a profit, other than their 500% mark up. The reason there are still fedexkinkos popping up everywhere is because they are the only game in town open 24 hrs, and, every day a new “customer” will either try them, or give them a second or third chance. There seems to be no consistency and even less training. I have “co-workers” constantly contradicting company policy, reg: keeping files on file, copyright, shipping quotes, pick up times, package tracking, quotes on copying, binding, etc. To get the best service, give the guy or gal behind the counter a free pizza or $20. Believe me, they are so underpaid and overstressed, you can get $100 plus worth of work for the price of a free sub sandwich. That place is pathetic. Sell your stock, tip the workers, complain about management 800 go fedex. If you bombard the cust service line with honest complaints about the crappy management, fedexkinkos will have no option other than to restructure. Go support your mom & pop shops, their cheaper, more responsible, & know what their policies & procedures are… there is no consistency in fedexkinkos, other than consistently dissapointing thousands on a regular basis..
    I am Alain, & I know from my experience in Boca Raton, FL as an excellent employee of fedexkinkos.
    FU Tony and Steve and Jen and Rusty.
    I love you Bruce…. Alain

  15. goneglobl says:

    I am so sick of disrespectful, irrational customers griping about customer service at FedEx Kinko’s. I work, by myself, for 10 hours a night, 4 nights a week so idiots and jokers can have their 24 freakin’ hour, open all night, I want my copyrighted crap copied and I want it right now stuff copied. Oh…and if you don’t or if you can’t, I’m going to call and complain. Give me a break.

    I mean, what would you do if I came to your workplace and called you every nasty thing in the book? Nevermind the fact that you work 10 hours straight (no lunch, no breaks) and have your billionaire and millionaire bosses lying to you, griping at you and throwing 10 times more at you than you can handle with what they’ve given you.

    And on the profit-sharing issue…what profit-sharing? Even if you hit those ridiculous numbers, guess what you get…$70 per quarter. That’s right…$70 every 3 months. That’s a great incentive to put up with all the stress and crap we have to put up with, don’t ya think?

    I don’t get paid enough to deal with people who have nothing better to do than come in at 2 a.m. looking for an argument. I’d rather just kick you out of my store and never see you (or your friends who are most likely just like you) again. If you think it’s so freakin’ easy, walk a mile in my (or any of the other so-called “team members'”) shoes. Then you can complain.

  16. octopede says:

    Like a lot of commenters, I too worked there for many years. I’ve had customers threaten physical harm to me because they had to wait 30 minutes for a color copy; I’ve had my manager tell me I was not eligible for a raise because I failed to hit some draconion goals system that was designed to prevent raises; I saw my coworkers developing this intense trench-warfare ‘us vs. them’ mentality about the customers, all because the company is very good at passing all their business-model problems on to the retail-level coworkers. I’ve also been a customer there, too.
    My advice about that place, for what it’s worth is:
    1) learn to do as much yourself as possible. Avoid going behind the counter for services; it’s a mess back there. If you go to FedEx Kinko’s a lot, this will save you so many headaches. Also, there are ways to hack the system a little when you do self-serve, and save yourself some cash. In full-serve, whether shipping or copying, FedEx Kinko’s charges for EVERYTHING. Even staples, for God’s sake.
    2) if you need a real printing job, go to a real printing place. FedEx Kinko’s is not a good place to get 100 full-color brochures, bound. You’ll get reamed.
    3) RESEARCH your shipping options before going in – do your homework online, or call in first. Showing up with a package and no idea how FedEx works is a surefire way to disaster. When you get in, know the terminology, and tell the person exactly what you want, and they’ll do it.
    4) If things don’t go right, talk to the General or Assistant Manager – do so in a polite and firm way; state what you wanted, and explain why it didn’t come out the correct way. Tell them what you want them to do to fix the situation. If you just want to complain, find a friendly ear at the local bar; SO many people at FedEx Kinko’s just want to complain – it’s a high-stress environment for a lot of people, and the staff is expecting people to be grumpy, so they’re not hospitable toward pointless gripes. Also, if you do need to talk the manager, understand that 11pm is not the time to do so – the General and Assistant Managers only work during the weekdays, and they’re the only ones who can help you in person with a real issue. Anyone else will just be a shift manager, and will just want you to leave them alone so they can go back to deciding who gets to go on break next.
    5) And, finally, by all means, call the number if you don’t get what you want. You deserve to get the service you paid for. Sure, their turn-around time guarantee is ludicrous, but if they don’t meet it, make them pay for a rolling out a bad policy. Just make sure that your issues are valid and reasonable: having to wait in a 45-minute line to get helped is not necessarily a real issue – sometimes these places get crazy busy, and there’s not a lot anyone can do when they can only afford to have 9 people on a shift. That being said, if you have to wait 45 minutes every time you go in, obviously they have a management problem.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I worked for Fedex Kinkos for over 4 years, i was a customer first and then when i got out of college i decided i wanted to work for them, what a mistake that was, working for kinkos is the worst thing that ever happened to me, i had worked in retail for 6 years before i got into kinkos but nothing could have prepared me for the torture that was to come, in the 4 years that i worked there, i had 4 different store managers, all of whom were abusive bullies, about 15 different assistant managers and ungodly employee turnover, we were lucky if a new persons stayed for a few months. While i was there, i was repeatedly physically and emotionally abused by customers, managers and other employees. I worked for 2 1/2 of those 4 years on shifts that consisted of just me and a assistant manager. I was repeatedly left by myself only person in the store, oh by the way, i was the retail consultant so i was the lowest person on the totem pole. I was repeadtly begged by management to work 16 hour shifts, work 2 weeks in a row, and attend 7 am meetings on saturdays when i got off at 2 am friday night, oh yeah and i would work 12 hours on a saturday, sometimes by myself, after going to that meeting, what a terrible company to work for. Before i quit the company , i saw a therapist who told me i had symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and she put me on lexipro, an anti- anxiety and depresssion medication. I finally quit when my manager, who had sexually harassed me . wrote me up and said i was a bad influence on the company. He told me to shave my goatee and come in on monday and look better. So, i shaved my head and my face , no mustache no goatee no nothing and i come in on monday and he pulls me into the office and tells me that i have to go home cause theres no way i could have shaved!!!!! i tell him are you kidding me? your an idiot and he tells me just go home and im like Fine! and i never came back, here it is 3 months later and i havnt been able to get another job, i have no money , no income and im about to lose my house, thanks for everything kinkos i hope fedex office goes out of buisness and the employees get better jobs

  18. TakeBusinessElsewhere says:

    FedEx Kinkos ignores fair use copyright laws for educators and students unless you print the material yourself and pay the exorbitant fee. However, if you desire to leave the project with them in order to receive only a 10 cent charge per page, then suddenly they feel as if they are somehow breaking the law and commercializing copyrighted material. Guess what. You are still taking money either way, so you’re still liable if it is against the law, which it’s not. Partial articles, books, and journals that are not being copied en masse and are only used/printed once for education puproses is well within the fair use laws. Nice of you to exploit laws so you can get us to pay more per copy.

    Sadly, Kinkos was created with educators and students in mind. Well done FedEx in destroying what built Kinkos. I’ll be taking my and my faculty’s business to Target Copy.