FedEx Kinko’s Employees Tell You Printing One Page Will Take An Hour, Shrug

Richard had to print out a few pages stored on an SD card. Fortunately, the printers at FedEx Kinko’s let you insert a flash drive, SD card, or even your phone and zap them right to the printer. How advanced! Unfortunately, not advanced enough that it could cope with the fifth page of his document. He had to ask the employees behind the counter to help instead. Their definition of “help,” unfortunately, was “make the customer wait an hour to print out one page.” [More]

Tell Kinkos It Sucks And Make Them Lose Money

If you went to Kinkos, and had a sucky experience, you should first try to resolve your complaint with the manager in-store and on-the-spot. Failing that, write down the store address and call 1-800-463-3339.

You’ll Never Make Copies In This Town Again

Actually, up to the point where the lawyer and the employee start throwing money at it each other, it’s a fairly accurate depiction of both the staff and customers we’ve come to expect at the cesspool that is Kinkos.

Staples’ Purported New Image Submission Program

An anonymous Staples employee updates us with information about Staples’s new image conversion program, which likely stems from the kerfuffle that occurred when people thought Staples was charging a per-file ‘setup’ fee to print files from disks.

Staples Charges Per-File Fee to Make Your Copies

A pal of head BoingBoinger Mark has stumbled across an unbelievable $2.49 per file ‘virus scanning’ charge levied by Staples when customers bring in documents to be printed. Another former Staples employee writes in to say that the fee is more of a document handling type of thing, with an initial $2.49 plus $99 per file charge, just because it’s more of a pain to deal with files than to copy something from paper to paper.