Starbucks Removes Trans Fats, What?

Starbucks baked goods will no longer contain trans fats, at least in Chicago and other major cities, reports Crain’s Chicago Business. The restaurant flatly denies the switch is in response to New York City’s recent trans fat ban. Starbucks operates about 200 stores in New York City, according to the Starbucks store locater.
“We started the process of reformulating recipes two years ago,” [a spokesperson for Starbucks] says. “We try to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve on things.”
Last year, the company introduced trans fat-free cranberry bliss bars nationwide “but we didn’t let people know that.”

In other news, Starbucks baked crap has trans fats? That stuff is in everything!

“Starting in September, other seasonal items sold nationwide such as pumpkin cream cheese muffins and gingerbread loaves have been free of trans fats. And each week since mid-December, Starbucks has been quietly swapping out other items containing trans fat in Chicago and other cities.” —MEGHANN MARCO

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