Dealership Wrecks Customer’s Corvette, Won’t Compensate Him

Poor Mr.Williams. He brought his 2005 Corvette into San Rafael Chevrolet to have a bad antenna and a jammed trunk fixed, and instead he got a wrecked ‘vette. It seems that “Gene B.”, an employee of San Rafael Chevy, took the car of the lot (against the owner’s specific instructions) and smashed into a big box truck. The ticket issued for the accident says that Gene was driving too fast for conditions, and as if that wasn’t damning enough, Mr. Williams found a bottle of codeine/acetaminophen under the seat. Now Mr. Williams wants the dealership to replace his car or compensate him for the loss of resale value. They’ve said no.

Mr.Williams has filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Chevrolet, and now he’s taking it to the internet. We think he probably needs to hire a lawyer, but he’s reluctant to do so. In a case like this, a lawyer can be very helpful, and the cost of the lawyer can be paid by the party at fault. You’ll get a better settlement with a lawyer than without one. God knows their lawyer won’t want this to go to trial. What do you guys think? Lawyer? Or should Mr. Williams try to go it alone? Any lawyers out there want to help him?—MEGHANN MARCO

San Rafael Chevrolet wrecked my new vette and won’t replace it or pay for lost value. [Corvette Forum]

UPDATE: Guy Gets Replacement Vette
CORRECTION: Legal fees can not be recovered in California. (Thanks, bluegus32!)

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