Why is My $%@#! Cable Bill So High?

From MSNBC: “If your cable TV rates have gone up by 4 percent a year, you’re getting off relatively easy, according to a report last week form the Federal Communications Commission. Since 1996, the average monthly cable bill is up 93 percent, the commission reported last week.”

Uh, what? MSNBC blames Local Franchise Authorities. “Local Franchise Authorities — usually — regulate basic cable rates, though there are certain situations when these basic rates go unregulated. And rates for all other service tiers are unregulated.”

Phone companies are getting into the cable game, so with competition… the ability of the Local Franchise Authority to “regulate” prices may soon change. For the better, we hope. —MEGHANN MARCO

Why is my cable TV bill going up so fast? [MSNBC]