Holiday Hours In Effect

Happy Holidays to you, dear Readers!

Today was sort of a half-day and The Consumerist will be off Monday. Enjoy the season. Spend it among friends and family. Save your receipts.

Image inspired by reader Matto’s visual riff on HOWTO: Organize Your Pantry. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. acambras says:

    That is awesome. Happy Holidays to you too, Ben and Meghann.

  2. Hoss says:

    Wait,wait…did Vinny get his FedEx???

  3. rbdfoxes says:


  4. timmus says:

    Happy Holidays Ben!

    My little X-mas consumer story is UPS Next Day Air. I had two boxes ship last night to a Dallas and an east Texas address for delivery today (Dec 22), and for both I now see “rescheduled delivery date of 12/26/2006”. The packages were picked up on time last night but sat all morning at UPS’s Louisville air cargo hub. Ok, fine, I’m not crying over this since I ordered really close to the wire, but two different overnight packages late? Give me a break. I would think they would have been prepared for the Christmas rush.

  5. matto says:

    Awe, you wub me, you weally weally wub me!

    Merry christmas-type season to all you Consumeristas as well :)

  6. pronell says:

    I know I’m kind of a curmudgeon, but does anyone else hate those pictures? Is it just me?

    “Not only would my Fluffums speak if she could, but she’d use obnoxious abbreviations and grammar!”

    I kinda wish people could just enjoy their pets instead of trying to ascribe human qualities to them. I love my dogs, and I wouldn’t want them to be people.

  7. Coronagold says:

    Let’s think less of consumerism & more of rubbing our noses in a tiny kitten tummies this time of year. (Don’t sneeze.)

  8. acambras says:

    Aw come on, Pronell — it’s fun! Jeez, it’s Christmas!

    By the way, my Kitty is very smart, but I bet if she could write, she’d be a lousy speller.

    What would she write, I wonder? Maybe a letter to Santa asking for one of those Sean John doggy coats?

  9. Dustbunny says:

    Pronell, if you hate the kitty pic, you’ll probably hate this too:

  10. pronell says:

    Yup, yup, that one is just as annoying. Then again, I kind of dislike cutesy for the sake of just being cutesy.

    It’s like the strange mob mentality that leads the cutest video to always win on America’s Funniest Home Videos, rather than the actual funny one.

    So if it’s gonna be a cute picture of an animal, just let it be that. Don’t put words on it, let it speak for itself. I think I would’ve found a picture of a parrot (parakeet?) in a bowl of macaroni pretty funny if they hadn’t tried to ascribe the intent of the creature on the image itself.

    Down with overproduction!

  11. aestheticity says:

    I don’t like them either. The first one, sure, got a laugh. For the idea. But I’ve noticed that people seem to like cats a lot. I don’t much like cats, they’ve vicious evil bastards, so not only are they annoying from repetition, but people like to use the worst possible animal IMO. You can’t ascribe human qualities and humour to a creature that’s very firmly animal. Then again that’s WHY they get used I think; it’s very easy to snap a pic of a cat hiding somewhere, stealing something, destroying something or generally being guarded and aggressive.

  12. pronell says:

    It is worth noting, however, that I do find this one to be funny:

  13. Musician78 says:

    This sucks, I have suddenly and unexpectedly become addicted to this site. Miss it in weekends and holidays. *Perhaps I need a life*