Nintendo Says: Wii Hates Your Christmas Tree

Nintendo released a statement today said direct lights near the console could cause interference in “exceptional conditions.” From Nintendo’s statement:

    “In exceptional conditions where the Wii sensor bar is sat near a direct light source there may be some minor interference – this does not mean that there is any fault with your Wii. “For the best performance of your Wii, avoid bright light sources behind or near the TV, shining towards the Wii remote or reflecting off the TV screen.”

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to the problem. Writing on a blog, one user complained: “The last couple of days my Wii has been acting weird in not picking up the Wiimote on the side of the Christmas tree and I could never figure out what was wrong. Well tonight, I turned off the Christmas tree and it fixed my problem.”

Why does the Wii hate Christmas? —MEGHANN MARCO

Nintendo issue fairy light warning [Manchester Evening News]