HOWTO: Organize Your Pantry

It’s important to have an organized pantry for two reasons.

• If it’s easy to see what you have, you know what you need, and can make a list.

• If your pantry is a mess, you’ll order Chinese food.

So what should you do? Real Simple has 5 steps to pantry bliss. They are:

    Sort it. Take everything out and sort it.

    Prioritize it. Put stuff you never use on the top shelf.

    Contain it. Don’t hide crap inside your mixing bowls. Get containers.

    Stand it up. Store baking sheets and what not vertically.

    Light it up. Make sure there’s ample lighting.

Great, now that we’ve done that, are sugar cubes from 1967 ok to use? And whose cat is this?—MEGHANN MARCO

The Organized Pantry [Real Simple]


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  1. matto says:

    lol crackers

  2. matto says:

    oops, i guess i can’t include img tags, i meant to include this.

  3. Chairman-Meow says:

    Hmmm, seems like i’m not the only one who uses fresh cat instead of canned cat in my meals.


  4. EarhornJones says:

    Nice cat! Thta is all.

  5. Meg Marco says:

    Holy crap! Did you make that picture for me?

  6. Mr. Gunn says:

    He’s in ur pantry, eatin your foodz!

  7. adamondi says:

    That’s awesome. My cats try to get into the pantry every time I open the door. This is most likely because we keep their food in there on the bottom shelf.

    Anyway, this is definitely one of my projects for the next couple of days (since we aren’t going anywhere for Christmas and will have some free time tomorrow and on Tuesday). My pantry is a disorganized mess. I should also clean out my fridge.

    So, yeah, cute cat. And the picture about “eating ur crackerz” made me laugh. Good on ya.

  8. matto says:

    meghan: merry goofng off week before xmas :)