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Celery Supplier Linked To Costco Chicken Salad E. Coli Outbreak Issues Recalls Affecting 13 More Retailers

The E. Coli outbreak linked to a rotisserie chicken salad sold by Costco that’s sickened 19 customers in seven states has been traced back to a single ingredient: celery that comes from a supplier in California. That farm has now issued a recall for a slew of products that could contain tainted celery sold at 13 additional retailers across the country. [More]

Sally Villarreal

From Bread Crumbs To Worcestershire Sauce: How Long Will All That Stuff In Your Pantry Last?

Regular readers of Consumerist likely know there’s a big difference between the “use-by” date and the “sell-by” date on food labels. But while most people take note of this information on highly perishable items like meat, eggs, and dairy, we often ignore those dry goods stashed in our pantries. And these unrefrigerated items are often allowed to sit around until we go to use them and realize, “Oh no… that went bad back when Bush — the first one — was president.” [More]

HOWTO: Organize Your Pantry

It’s important to have an organized pantry for two reasons.