Warning: Vista May Drain Laptop Batteries

PC World is warning laptop users about the increased processor power that Windows Vista may use to power some of its flashy graphics. Thankfully, it seems like the problem can be avoided by using Vista’s battery optimization features.

    “If Vista is run in full Aero mode, with none of the Vista-provided power management settings turned on, it is likely to demand more power, and have an impact on battery life,” said Dell spokesman Ira Williams, in an e-mail interview. “That said, if you run Vista in battery-optimized mode (using a non-3D interface), we would not expect the battery life to be significantly different from XP in that scenario.”

So, if you’re upgrading to Vista and you’re really excited about those Aero windows, understand that they may come with a price, at least while on the go. —MEGHANN MARCO

Vista Could Sap Notebook PC Battery Life [PC World]