Yes, Virginia, There is a Fruitcake Review Blog

Hey, what do you know. It turns out that some people do actually like fruitcake. No, we’re serious. Anyway, a reader sent us a link to her friend’s fruitcake blog. Yes, someone has been tasting and writing about fruitcakes since the summer. Why would anyone do this? I’m sure she has her reasons, and I’m sure you can read about them on her blog. Personally, we hate even the smell of fruitcakes, but to each her own.—MEGHANN MARCO (Thanks, Nancy!)

Review: Harry and David 2lb Fruitcake [Mondo Fruitcake]


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  1. “Personally, we hate even the smell of fruitcakes”

    You’re totally eating the wrong kind. Real fruitcake is absolutely DOUSED in alcohol to preserve the fruits through the winter so you don’t get scurvy (prior to year-round produce availability!). You make them in a bundt pan so you can stick a shot glass full of rum in the middle and “feed” the fruitcake every month or so because it’ll keep sucking up the rum. Then you store it in a cool, dark place so you can keep your alcohol-doused, scurvy-preventing fruit good for a year or so.

    You have to eat seriously tiny pieces though — it’s waaaaaaay rich.

    But mostly real fruitcakes smell like rum more than anything else.

  2. bambino says:

    I’m not one for rum, but fruitcakes do make it go down well.

  3. Drinker Nisti says:

    Eyebrows has it right– a homemade fruitcake is awesome. The more alcohol, the better. It’s too late to make one for Xmas this year, but I highly recommend Alton Brown’s recipe over at the Food Network site. He uses a variety of dried fruit reconsituted in alcohol, of course, instead of that nasty, unnatural candied stuff.

  4. I, too, agree with the delightfully-named Eyebrows. Real fruitcake, made the traditional way with loads of rum, is utterly delicious.

  5. AcilletaM says:

    Yeah, stop eating that prepackaged garbage. Homemade fruitcake is good.

  6. Keter says:

    Kewl! Fellow rumtopf-cake lovers! I thought I was the last of the breed left in America. And yes I make my own from scratch…I start the fruit marinating in sugar, rum, and Triple Sec on the 4th of July. And yes, it is *extremely* rich, but worth every calorie!

  7. I think we’ll all have to start some fruitcakes next October and send Meghann a truckload of them for Christmas!

  8. Musician78 says:

    Fruitcake is one of the nastiest things mankind has ever conjured up.

  9. prajalp says:

    The Harry and David fruitcake is my favourite! I would recommend it to anyone.